So is Kirby Respected?

ATHENS - Perhaps the most prominent player on UGA’s current roster first laughed and then turned his head seeming to make sure an episode of Candid Camera wasn't around. His reaction was from the question: “Does the team respect Kirby?”

In the rounds that I have made behind the scenes, guys don’t bother answering the question… they look at you like you are crazy; then they start laughing;  then they say: “I saw the article that you are talking about.”

The players’ complete dismissal of the notion that Kirby Smart “isn’t getting much respect from his new charges” refutes a column written in the AJC last week. The point of my writing this today is not to start or pick a fight with the AJC, or the writer of the column who has been nothing but friendly and respectful of me for years. 

The point of me writing this is to point out that, from my perspective and the perspective of different players I know in the program currently, that Kirby Smart is most certainly respected - perhaps that he’s feared by some.

All I know is that the conversation turns very serious very fast when talking about the young head coach.

“If you don’t do something the right way Kirby is going to be on you and on you and on you until you get it right,” said one. 

“Man,” said one who would could be described as a high-level player, “I saw that. That’s just not the way it is.”

“So many people (on the team) read that,” said a younger member of the team. “That’s the total opposite of the way it is.”

“Bro,” said one player giggling, “I just don’t even know what that was about. It’s not that at all.”

Another player who should have a big 2016: “Lol, that’s false.”

Then there was Kirby’s, what can only be described as explosion at RB Elijah Holyfield during a recruiting camp in the middle of July. Holyfield, who will almost certainly have a role in the 2016 run game, was just standing when he was, apparently, not supposed to be standing. Kirby’s voice screamed out, Holyfield’s movement was, well, swift. 

“If Kirby is not being respected it sure is difficult to tell out here,” said one observer as Holyfield got in line. 


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