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Legge's Thoughts: UGA Insider Practice Report

ATHENS - You never win a title on the first day of fall camp - you know that.

NOTE: If you are reading me for the first time be warned that I am pretty to the point. Although I do my best to keep things in context, I call it like I see. I’ve found that’s the only way that works for me and those who have subscribed for 16-plus years to my publications, and I appreciate giving my subscribers what they've come to expect over the years. 

With that first day expectations come - usually in the form of the rainbows and unicorns we’ve heard about during the summer. This was a first day that seemed like a nervous one in the world of the quarterbacks at UGA. 

First, the lineup was what much of the spring had been - Greyson Lambert at No. 1, Brice Ramsey at No. 2 and Jacob Eason at No. 3. Frankly, and I can only go on what I get to see during the media period that’s about 15-20 mins long, this wasn’t a great day for the quarterbacks. 

Jacob Eason seemed nervous, he didn’t look like the same guy who had a good day at G Day in the spring. Brice Ramsey, the most athletic of the three, managed to lose grip of a ball during a pass and have it drop backwards much the way Greyson Lambert did against Alabama last season. Lambert, for his part, was neither spectacular good or bad - he just was.

You can seen the arm talent of Ramsey and Eason for sure. But Eason left at least one out ball too short, which gave OC Jim Chaney the ability to reminded him that a ball like that is going to be picked off (and likely taken back for a touchdown). Ramsey had a ball or two under thrown. Eason overthrew not fewer than two balls to the right sideline that I remember. Again, Eason’s head is probably spinning. 

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