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Legge's Thoughts: UGA Insider Practice Report

ATHENS - UGA’s QBs continued to fight their way towards someone winning the starting job.

Today it the rotation appeared to be 1. Brice Ramsey; 2. Jacob Eason; 3. Greyson Lambert. Ramsey was quite accurate most of the day, but he overthrew one deep ball TD attempt as the Bulldogs broke into that particular throwing section of their drills.

Eason threw some very nice deep balls to be sure. He was a little off - throwing a ball short - during the drill, but he did a good job of leading his receiver the way Ramsey did for much of that drill time. Eason was short with another ball during balls thrown closer to the line of scrimmage. Where Eason struggles, or needs development, is getting the ball out of his hands on balls close or behind the line of scrimmage. 

Now I’ve seen him throw these balls, so I know that he can do it. But he’s not as quick getting the ball out of his hands. That’s where his length is really hurting him. It likely helps him deliver a quality deep ball. But his longer throwing motion take time to unwind, and the ball doesn’t get to the WRs as quickly as it does from Ramsey or Lambert. Eason was inaccurate at times during those throws. 

Lambert doesn’t spin the ball as well as the other two guys, but he gets the ball out fast to the flats the way Ramsey does. Obviously, that was his top method of gaining passing yardage last fall. 

I fully expect the QBs to continue to rotate from here on out. One could become speculative in nature and think: “Maybe they are not going in order. Kirby said he was going to demote and promote yesterday. So perhaps Ramsey then Eason then Lambert because that’s the way the day went yesterday.”

I’m not ready to go there yet. I expect Eason to rotate with the No. 1 unit tomorrow because it should be his turn. Remember in the spring Eason rarely rotated in the No. 2 position during the passing periods that were open to the media. It does make good sense, if this is a true QB competition, to make certain the youngster gets his time with the No. 1 unit.

With all of that said, the passing game was much more polished today. Ramsey and Eason, who were going at the same time often because of them going No. 1 and No. 2, usually hit their target in stride. Lambert, too, hit his men. Slants do not seem to be an issue for this group… at least they were not today. 

The receivers were better today as well. Terry Godwin was missing from the start of practice, hope to have an update on that as I don’t anticipate it being serious, but Jayson Stanley and Michael Chigbu were at the front of the WR line much of the day. Its also hard not to notice Tyler Simmons out there. Riley Ridley had an unfortunate drop. But for the most part the QBs were significantly more accurate today in the passing drills we saw, and the WRs had very little trouble catching the ball. It was an upgrade from the first day of practice.

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