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Legge's Thoughts: UGA Insider Practice Report

ATHENS - UGA’s WRs are going to have to get better at securing the ball.

There are far too many drops from players one would expect will be contributors. In particular, Tyler Simmons is dropping too many balls to be a contributor.

The drops were not exclusive to him, but he’s a guy UGA is going to depend on, and he’s going to have to be more consistent at catching balls that are not well or perfectly thrown. Again, there were far too many dropped balls from the receivers who have to understand that balls are not going to be delivered right into the pocket of their catching radius.

Today the quarterback rotation continued: No. 1 Greyson Lambert, No. 2 Brice Ramsey and No. 3 Jacob Eason. Today was, for me, Brice Ramsey’s least consistent day. He’s probably been the most accurate of the three QBs during camp thus far during fundamental drills, but he wasn’t nearly as accurate today as he has been. With that said, I didn’t see him miss a ball yesterday. 

Eason seems to be working on getting the ball out of his hands quicker than he has been with throws close to the line of scrimmage. That’s going to be a challenge for him. He’s got to figure out how to shorten up his throwing motion and snapping the ball out of his hands as fast as possible. He struggles more with balls closer to the line of scrimmage than the other two guys do. He’s better with the deep ball for sure, but he’s not so much better with the deep ball in the time we’ve been out there that it separates him from the other two. 

Also, because Eason has run with the No. 3 unit two of the four days we’ve been out to see the team, that also allows me to see more throws he makes as the drill dictates that the No. 1 and No. 2 QBs go at the same time while the No. 3 QB is going with the No. 4 - a walk-on I’m not paying attention to. 

Lambert under throws balls more often than the other two - at least where I have seen him throw - but he also throws some quality balls. Eason seems to struggle, too, a little bit with leave the out throw short. Yesterday (going as the No. 1 in the rotation) was probably Eason’s worst day thus far by my judgement. He was better today, but struggles with the throws I have described. When he nails it, like the other two, he nails it. 

If someone has a clue on where the QB competition is headed its not me. 

Michal Carter continues to stand out to me along the defensive line. Of course, its a given that Trent Thompson is the No. 1 guy in that unit, but Carter has caught my eye the last two days. He’s shorter than the other guys for sure, but he’s doing the fundamental drills as well as any of the other linemen - perhaps save Thompson. I’m starting to expect biggish things from him. The bad news on the defensive line front is that I didn't see John Atkins out there today. 

Georgia’s slew of linebacker should be one of the strengths of the team. Reggie Carter, Lorenzo Carter, Davin Bellamy, D’Andre Walker, Tim Kimbrough, Natrez Patrick and Roquan Smith form a heck of a nucleus. I read about the Dawgs not having linebackers… I’m really not sure what the hell that person is saying.

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