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Legge's Thoughts: UGA Insider Practice Report

ATHENS - UGA’s WRs are going to have to get better at securing the ball.

There are far too many drops from players one would expect will be contributors. In particular, Tyler Simmons is dropping too many balls to be a contributor.

The drops were not exclusive to him, but he’s a guy UGA is going to depend on, and he’s going to have to be more consistent at catching balls that are not well or perfectly thrown. Again, there were far too many dropped balls from the receivers who have to understand that balls are not going to be delivered right into the pocket of their catching radius.

Today the quarterback rotation continued: No. 1 Greyson Lambert, No. 2 Brice Ramsey and No. 3 Jacob Eason. Today was, for me, Brice Ramsey’s least consistent day. He’s probably been the most accurate of the three QBs during camp thus far during fundamental drills, but he wasn’t nearly as accurate today as he has been. With that said, I didn’t see him miss a ball yesterday. 

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