Legge's Thoughts: UGA's Open Practice

ATHENS - This is just my view of the way UGA’s rare open practice went today.

I will admit that I couldn’t possibly see everything during today’s practice as there were hundreds of moving parts… and it was impossible to see every thing all at once. I will focus in on the parts that I saw which impressed me most. 


1. Jacob Eason’s one throw to the corner of the end zone at the start of practice is the type of throw that makes coaches fall in love with players. ?

He threw the ball exactly where it had to be thrown - leading the receiver to the corner of the end zone and throwing a strike to the back of the helmet of the defender. It was one of the nicest throws I’ve seen in Sanford Stadium in some time. 

2. Isaiah McKenzie on the jet sweep. 

That play wasn’t stopped the entire day. Kirby and company might worry a little about McKenzie’s handle on the football, but he’s a heck of a player in space and just so much faster than everyone else. It takes him no time to get to the edge. He also connected with Brice Ramsey on some nice out-route catches. 

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