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Dawgs Pick up Big Commitment

UGA got a big pickup on Monday in the form of a commitment flip.

According to Towers coach Brian Montgomery, Towers DL Devonte Wyatt has flipped his commitment from South Carolina to UGA. 

The flip gives the Bulldogs their 15th commitment of the 2017 cycle. Wyatt is considered a three-star prospect by at this time. The commitment puts the Bulldogs within striking distance of the top 3 in's team recruiting rankings. UGA trails No. 3 Notre Dame by only 34 points, and has fewer commitments than the Irish (17), Ohio State (16) or Alabama (21) at this time. 

Click here for UGA's 2017 commitments

At 6-3, 298 pounds, Wyatt is the Bulldogs' first certain committed defensive lineman in this class. IMG DE Robert Beal could wind up at OLB considering his size (6-4, 234). 

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