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ATHENS - There continues to be tremendous concern about one major thing at UGA, and its not the quarterbacks.

In talking with a slew of folks over the weekend, the No. 1 problem heading into the 2016 season is depth. More than anything else, quarterback play included, depth is the top concern of those most in the know. 

“If you look at all of the starters you can really be a pretty good team,” said one insider. “Honestly, and I might be biased, but I think No. 16 is about right to start the season. But I’m telling you right now, we are on the precipice of being in serious danger of losing a few games if someone gets hurt. The offensive line isn’t super deep; obviously you don’t yet know your starting quarterback; the running backs - don’t get me started. That could be a real mess. We just are not deep enough anywhere. Maybe at linebacker.”

That’s just the sentiments of one insider. In my calls around to folks this weekend to check on their thoughts on the Saturday practice, that was repeatedly stated - UGA’s depth is a real concern. I wanted to call and check around with other folks on what they saw as to not overact to things I saw on Saturday, and things I have been hearing over the week at practices. 

“Just not enough warm bodies at D line,” said another observer. 

There was some confusion, and understandably so, about which quarterback was running with which group on Saturday. It was pretty clear that Jacob Eason was running with the No. 1 unit as it was his day to go with that group in team settings. But much of he media mistook Brice Ramsey’s day as being with the No. 2 unit. That’s incorrect - Ramsey was with the No. 3s. 

The confusion was likely because Ramsey and Eason were on the right side of the field during many of what seemed like competitive parts of practice. Greyson Lambert was rotating with walk-on QB Sam Vaughn going towards the open end of the stadium, and it seemed that most of the playmaking receivers were with Ramsey and Eason. 

The media’s incorrect notion of who was going with what unit could cause some major confusion going forward. If Lambert officially went with the No. 3 unit on Saturday, which he did not, that would mean the QB rotation was out of order and something had changed on the depth chart. That’s not the case. 

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