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Legge's Thoughts: UGA Insider Practice Report

ATHENS - So much of watching UGA’s practice is in the eye of the beholder.

But there was no doubt there was something a little different about today’s practice versus the practices of last week as it relates to the QBs. UGA may very well have mixed up the procedure by which the Bulldogs progressed through their throws, but today it seems like the fundamentals periods, of which we have seen all of them during open media access, was changed. 

The Bulldogs’ signal callers still distributed the ball, but this time the Bulldogs rotated three players at a time with walk-on QB Sam Vaughn working with Sony Michel and another player in the far end zone. 

That meant that (in apparent order) Grayson Lambert, Brice Ramsey and Jacob Eason all had more throws today than the usual amount they’ve had in the past. Several of the throws, too, were over/under throws where the left QB in the drill hit the WR dragging 15 yards deep across the defense, and the QB on the right hitting the deep ball down the sideline. 

Generally UGA’s QB threw OK, but there was a time when coach Kirby Smart screamed “need to be more accurate guys!” Kirby was correct in my view. Some of these balls are the type of balls that can go for long runs or get taken back to the house. Usually when Lambert missed today he was low - the ball doesn’t get there. When Ramsey missed today on one ball he was high, but a walk-on WR made a heck of a one-handed catch. 

It may have been me overthinking it, but I’ve seen Jacob Eason throw a lot of footballs for a long time. He sure seemed to be taking it easy with velocity going at the start of the drills, but by the end he started throwing with the typical velocity I associate with his ball. There were a few ducks out there collectively from the group - particularly from Eason when he seemed to take something off of the ball. 

The trio also worked on pocket drills, which Ramsey seemed to do well in compared to the other two. Lambert and Eason were both slightly off target with those throws running forward and delivering the ball. 

As the media left it appeared that Eason and Lambert stayed on the field the QBs use during fundamentals while Ramsey went with a gathering group of No. 1 offense and defensive players on the first field (where the defense usually does its fundamentals). Reading too much into the QB movement at the end of the media period would be naive. 

Sam Pittman continued to coach the offensive line hard. Ben Cleveland drew the ire of the veteran offensive line coach: “Benny - you are the strongest guy out here!!!!” he said encouraging the freshman to “knock him over!”

Solomon Kindley also got a scream or two from Pittman.

Other notes: 

If Nick Chubb is not ready to play against North Carolina that’s going to surprise me. He totally looks the part - big and bad. Sony Michel “appears” to be ready to roll as well, but he does have a cast preventing him from dutifully using two hands on the ball. 

Aside from the occasional and what has become a repeating pattern of WR drops, today seemed like a good day for the Bulldogs. I have to say on reflection that I can’t remember a time this fall when the QBs have had a day where everything seemed like a disaster… not yet at least. I wrote about that at one point last season. 

I saw Isaiah Mckenzie in a black, non-contact jersey. Marc Weiszer from the Athens Banner-Herald reported that there "was no sign of defensive lineman Jonathan Ledbetter."

Dawg Post contributor Andrew Stephens writes that it "appears that Briscoe has supplanted Davis as 1st team corner." Stephens is also correct to point out that the Bulldogs' QBs worked on play-action passing ball handling drills a lot during practice. 

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