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Legge's Thoughts: Fromm Shines in Macon

MACON - Much of the southeast got a shot to see what Houston County QB Jake Fromm could do, and they had to like what they saw.

Televised on Fox Sports South, the 2016 Corky Kell opening game between Houston County and Mary Persons wasn’t a totally fair fight - the Bears are two classifications larger than their opponents, and had the difference maker for the game in Fromm. 

Criticisms? I can always come up with criticism. Fromm is going to have to learn how to get under center. Don’t think that’s a big deal? Ask Jacob Eason, who is struggling to get used to that reality of college football. Fromm also is a developed product. He’s not raw (that’s not so much a criticism as much as it is a starting point for understanding where he is in his development), so he’s not got the same upside Eason or 5-star 2018 Trevor Lawrence does. 

All three of those gifted QBs are going to have to learn how to get under center and live in a pocket that’s going to move and collapse on them. 

But Fromm played (once more) like a polished quarterback - not a prospect. He seems much further along in his overall development and understanding of how to play quarterback than Eason, Lawrence and certainly he’s further along than Brice Ramsey was when he was a senior in 2012. 

With that understanding one has to fully get that Fromm isn’t going to spike into a developmental path where it will be totally noticeable how much better he is as a senior when you compare him to his freshman G Day performance. The improvements should be noticeable to those well scripted in football - not the usual TV observer of the sport. 

So Fromm could be a case of what you see is what you get - like that’s such a bad thing. 

Fromm naturally talks with teammates and coaches. He’s fiery and loves to celebrate big plays (of which he made a few in the first half). You can tell he’s the leader of his team and program. It feels like he’s comfortable in his own skin. He makes good decisions (in the time I’ve watched him play), and appears to be able to make all of the throws necessary to win at a high level in college football.  

There was very little not to like or look forward to with Fromm. Needless to say he looks like an overgrown Aaron Murray. I’m not sure why Fromm feels compelled to cover nearly half of his face with eye black, but life moves on. 

Eye black or not, UGA fans have to be happy about one thing in particular - he’s headed to Georgia and not Alabama. 

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