A closer look at the injuries

Georgia is being struck with a rash of injuries. Dean Legge takes a quick look at some of the most signifigant ones from fall camp.

Ken Veal (Ankle)

Veal has had a promising camp, but his ankle injury on August 8th has slowed his practice time this fall. Veal was being looked to by the staff as a leader, time off as a result of his injury will not help that cause any.

Daniel Inman (Ankle)

Limping out of practice on crutches August 12th, Inman's ankle injury was only a temporary set back.

Michael Cooper (Heat)

Cooper was competing for more touches going into this fall's camp and it appears that he sucessfully done that. He delt with heat problems midway through fall camp, but they were not serious.

Michael Turner (Shoulder)

Turner, who could be the back up center when all is said and done, has missed much of this fall's camp as a result of an injury to his shoulder. Nick Jones has stepped in nicely for him at the back up center spot.

Max Jean-Gilles (Heat)

The big Miami native has continued to struggle with the heat this fall. On August 14th Jean-Gilles, Georgia's largest player, was held out of practice because he could not make it through practice. He has had difficulty with the heat ever since.

Paul Oliver (Hamstring)

This true freshman's injury could sevrely effect Georgia's ablilty to deal with Clemson's passing attack. Oliver suffered the hamstring on August 12th.

Mikey Henderson (Hamstring)

Much like Oliver, Henderson's injury will effect Georgia's ability to stop Clemson's pass offense.

Kentrell Curry (Leg)

On the 4th day of Georgia's fall camp, Curry, an All-SEC selection, had X-rays done that reviled that he had a stress fracture in his right leg. It is unclear if Curry will return for the Clemson game, although it is unlikely.

Greg Blue (Knee)

Blue, Curry's most capable replacement, was knocked out of practice last weekend after suffering a posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Blue will miss up to 8 weeks of the season.

Will Thompson (Ankle)

A dislocated right ankle has sidelined Thompson, a starting defensive end, for an as yet unknown amount of time.

Gerald Anderson (Ankle)

Anderson could miss the Clemson game, but because he is not in the top four spots in the current rotation, it is unclear how much the injury will effect the team.

Dale Dixson (Concussion)

Dixson had been getting lots of rotation at the tackle spot. But with his concussion status unknown he reamins an uncertainty for the game with the Tigers.

Demario Minter (Shoulder)

Minter, suspended for the Clemson game, has missed much of the contact this fall because of shoulder surgery that he had earlier this year. He is participating in full contact drills now, however.

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