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Kirby Smart Teleconference

What did Kirby Smart have to say at the weekly SEC Coaches Teleconference?

Every Wednesday, all SEC coaches are available for ten minutes of questioning via teleconference. Kirby spoke mostly on specifics about the North Carolina game including expectations for the quarterbacks, plans to defend Mitch Trubisky, and how he is approaching his first career game as a head coach.

How are thing different entering the game as head coach instead of an assistant. Is the preparation the same?

-Anytime you prepare, it creates confience. This team and our staff have prepared well. When it comes to our staff, this is not the the first opener for any of them. I expect us to be ready.

-What will you pleased to see this week out of the Dawgs? What may concern you?

-Concerns: Penalties and special teams. Dumb, timing type penalties that can be avoided. It's tough to simulate live special teams because of the intense amount of contact, so it can be unpredictable at times.

-Pleased: General effort type stuff. I want us protecting our skill players on offense and swarming to the ball on defense. I know we'll have some screw ups but I'm looking for effort out there.

-Do you have any recollection of recruiting Trubisky at Alabama? Opinions of him?

-I was not as heavily involved in the offensive recruiting when I was at Alabama, but it would not surprise me seeing as we recruited players from all over the country. From the sample size I've seen, he's a really good player. He may even run the ball better than the guy (Marquise Williams) they had last year. He's really fluid in getting the ball out in RPO (run-pass option) schemes.

-Regardless of who starts, what are your expectations from the QB? (Question asked by Dawg Post)

-The number of pass attempts will all be dictated by the game situations. I'm looking for them to make good decisions, protect the ball, and most importantly communicate. It's tough getting ten people on the same page, especially in the first game of the season in an unfamiliar environment. I want them to manage the situations and when you get opportunities to make plays, make those plays.

-Do you have a specific policy in regards to hand guns with your players?

-We have implemented an education process in regards to that. About 60-70% of our players live in on campus housing where firearms are not permitted, so that it a good way to prevent possession in a lot of cases. We really do not want our players carrying them, but if they are to, the most important thing is teaching them that nothing good comes of it when they go about acquiring them the wrong way.

-Is there a scenario where all coaches are on the sideline?

        -We base it on what is best for the players. It just depends on who you trust, and from what angle. It's more what fits our need. I don't really see a situation where all coaches were down on the field unless we develop enough of an experienced support staff that we trust as our "eye in the sky."

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