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UGA Practice Notes 9/6

Andrew Stephens updates from another day at UGA practice. Coaches not allowing the team to overlook Nicholls State.

Another rather bland day as only periods 3 and 4 were open to the media. Significant notes: how little the TE's have worked with the QB's. For the talent that is there and the scheme that Chaney seems to run, it is very surprising to see them so heavily involved in the run game and so far removed from the passing game. The coaches still seemed to be fired up, not letting the team overlook Nicholls State/look forward to the future.

-Doing mostly drill work again. Scary what these guys could do next season/at the end of this season. So much talent, just so little experience.
-Jonathan Ledbetter's return will be huge for this team. Since no announcement has yet to be made, 4 games seems unlikely. I would not anticipate Ledbetter back until before Vandy. 

-Chuks Amaechi still looking full speed
-Natrez and Roquan working in coverage with the secondary while OLB's working on edge containment work

-Looking like team is still running A LOT of dime packages.
---Briscoe, Parrish, Davis, Sanders, Smith, and McGraw
-With Mauger and Hardman, this secondary group is DEEP. 

-Gaillard working with the 1st unit again
-Sims with the second unit
-Catalina, Gallaird, Kublanow, Wynn, Pyke
-Pat Allen in non-contact jersey, working on the bike during the whole media period. Unclear as to what he is sidelined with
-Sam Madden appears to be in full contact after battling Mono

-Tight ends still being worked as blocking with the OLine.

-Very surprised as to how little they have worked with the QBs during the media viewing period over the past few weeks

-Sony still in non-contact jersey. Would really surprise me to see him play this weekend
-On a different note, would surprise me if Holyfield does not see action against Nicholls
-Drill work rotation going Chubb, Sony, Holyfield, Herrien

-Lambert back in #11 jersey
-Man, Eason throws a pretty deep ball. Preaching to the choir, but wow. 

-Chaney not happy with the wide receivers. Citing a lack of effort for the entire practice period

-Tough to see. Beamer out there working with all units.

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