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SEC Coaches Teleconference - September 7

Andrew Stephens sat in on the weekly SEC Coaches Teleconference. What did Kirby have to say after the Dawgs win over UNC?

More than in press conferences past, Kirby Smart's repetition of certain issues seemed to point to the direction the Dawgs could be headed, especially at quarterback. While both QB's have received significant reps with the 1st team unit, a decision as to who the signal caller will be moving forward has yet to announced. Based on his referenced towards the issues Jacob Eason needs to improve on and where this offense needs to grow to provide a balanced attack, it looks like the coaching staff is doing all they can to push Eason to grab hold of that starting job. 

While most are confident that Sanford Stadium will see a healthy dose of a two (and maybe even three) quarterback system, it would come as a shock to me if a definitive starter was not named before Missouri. Again, only time will tell, but it is nice to infer a bit of clarity for once.

What was the impact of the usage of Tae Kwon Do and other training methods for Nick Chubb during his rehab?

-"I went and watched it a couple times and was very impressed. I thought it helped a lot. It changes things up, which can be nice sometimes. When you're rehabbing, it can be monotonous and things like this, track, yoga, allowed him to continue to rehab but not be subjected to the same training regimens each day. It also allowed him to simulate getting tackled without the full stress of it on his knee."

What are the similarities you see between Nick Chubb and Derrick Henry?

-"They're both very powerful backs, but they run with different styles. Derrick would try to run over people at times. Nick is a very patient runner. Derrick would occasionally bounce it outside, while Nick excels breaking through arm tackles. Off the field, they're both very humble guys and excellent teammates."

What specific areas of improvement are you looking for this week?

-"There are a lot of things. We are always looking to get better. We have to get in and out of the huddle [reference to Eason's increased role? Quite possible]. We must get better with our corner play, we were very fortunate to not give up any very explosive plays last weekend. We also must get more pressure up front on the quarterback."

Would you describe Mo Smith as a "leader" on defense?

-"There are so many facets of leadership. I would say that he leads by the way he practices. That to me, embodies what a champion should be. He leads by example. We have other guys that do that, Malkom, Dom, plenty of guys - but the more guys you have doing that, the better."

With a runner and offensive threat like Nick Chubb, do you have to resist temptation to include him in every play?

-"From a temptation standpoint, that's not very realistic. Everyone gets tired. We like how often we can use Nick, but develop in other areas so we don't have to rely on him as much. We have to get better throwing the ball [potentially another reference to the emergence of Jacob Eason]"

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