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SEC Coaches Teleconference - Week 3

Kirby Smart addressed the media during his weekly SEC Coaches teleconference. See what he had to say before Georgia travels to Missouri.

Kirby's opening statement: "The kids are fired up about their first true SEC game. We still have a lot we need to do to prepare, but I know it will be a great environment."

Missouri's defensive line has not been as productive as year's past. Are they a "sleeping giant" of sorts or a force to be reckoned with once they figure out their inefficiencies along the defensive front?

"They have a lot of talent. They seem to be bigger than they have in the past, especially on the inside. They're athletic and will make our offensive line work."

What stood out about Drew Locke in last week's game?

He's very talented first and foremost. He forces you to defend the entire width of the field, all 53 and a half yards. Their wideouts are really productive and do a very good job of running after the catch.

Obviously you did not seem happy with the play at the offensive line. Was it a question of effort, technique, what?

The excitement and demeanor that we needed was not there. They just played harder than we did. We don't have a huge offensive line. With that, you can't get as much of a push as you want, so you have to play with a lot more effort and intensity.

As a former Saban assistant, what did you make of him dealing with Kiffin last Saturday?

To be honest, I have not really been concerned with that. I have too much on my plate to deal with Missouri to think about that.

Where is Jacob Eason mentally after this past game?

I think he's in a good place mentally. He had some misreads, but he had some really good plays too. He is obviously at his best when he is making those downfield throws. Last week, he stepped up well in the pocket and was much better in and out of the huddle after week one. Not a lot of the offensive woes can be credited to Jacob, we just have to get better as a unit.

Is there a decision who will start at quarterback on Saturday?

No, we are not ready to make a decision right now. We will evaluate practice today and see where it stands and then go from there.

What did you envision as the identity of the offense when you came to Georgia?

Number one, you want to be able to score points. You also need to run the ball, especially in the SEC. I wanted a physical toughness to run the ball, but could also open it up and throw it. You cannot be one sided and win our league.

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