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Dawg Post Update: Recruit Reactions

After a bad loss to Ole Miss, Dawg Post gives an update on what some Georgia recruits had to say about the game.

DB commit Richard LeCounte:

Briefly into the game, LeCounte tweeted "We good ya'll."

Late, the five star tweeted "In case ya'll forgot what loyalty means..." then posted a picture with him and a Georgia logo.

DB commit Willam Poole:

"Win lose, or draw, I'm still 100% committed to the far as playing time goes I'll be ready to compete for that when I enroll."

"Proud of you soldier....never stopped fighting @brianherrienn" 

"Good talk with coach Tucker tonight!"

5-star 2018 lineman Jamaree Salyer:

"Dawg Nation is taking it pretty hard right now..."

4-star receiver target Jeremiah Holloman:

"Please put Mecole Hardman in."

"@brianherrienn good work today fam."

"Tennessee vs. Georgia October 1st."

Linebacker commit Jaden Hunter:

"Turning my TV off..."

In reference to William Pooles tweet about being 100% committed to the G, Hunter replied "Same here, he couldn't have said it any better."

Former player Terrence Edwards:

"As a former player, all I ask, is for our team to finish strong!"

"Catch the ball with your hands, look at it all the way in. Come on dawgs, your better than that."

Former player Todd Gurley:

"35 points next half I believe in you UGA."

Commits and big targets tend to not tweet or give many thoughts after the game, so it was a little tough to see reactions after such a bad loss like this one. The drops and inconsistent defensive back play are the two things that stood out the most that need to be fixed. The DB's need to work on their ball skills, which is something Kirby is trying to look for in his secondary. Guys like Richard LeCounte and William Poole will bring that element to the team next year that is not there at the moment. They also lack in size. Georgia's starting defensive backs are way too small at the moment to handle big receivers across the conference. That was a terrible matchup for the Bulldogs going into the game, and the Rebels did a good job of using their size to their advantage. Size is a big problem for Georgia right now, but it's something that will change over time.

This might be the worst bunch of receivers Georgia has had in quite a long time. There is no excuse for dropping the football especially when it hits you in the hands. The receivers are already having a tough time getting open, so when they finally do get some separation, they have to make a play. Again, this is also a small group of receivers.The 2017 receiver commits will have some size with addition of Trey Blount (6-2), Matt Landers (6-5), and Mark Webb (6-2). They will need to step up big next season if these current receivers can't learn to catch the football.

The offensive line is atrocious at the moment.  The only way these backs, two being some of the best in the country, can get room is if they run outside to get space. There has been nowhere to run between the tackles the past three games which is scary. Another small position group, these offensive lineman will be MUCH bigger moving forward. The 2017 group of offensive lineman could be playing early next season.

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