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Update on Nick Chubb from Kirby

See what Kirby Smart said in the Week 5 SEC Coaches Teleconference. There may be a development on Nick Chubb's ankle.

Kirby Smart had a very brief teleconference today as it appears he has had a sleepless night or two trying to correct the Bulldog errors before a pivotal game in the SEC East. He spoke on the progress of Nick Chubb and how to move on after the loss at Ole Miss.

Opening statement: "We're excited to play a really good football team in UT. They have a senior laden team that's been together for 2-3 years now. I think our kids are excited to play at home"

Tennessee playing has been playing without some of their top guys on defense but still managed to be productive, what catches your attention?

"Their size. They're really big up front. Having two guys like Barnett and Kongbo, they're very athletic. They're also fast at linebacker."

Is there any overnight progress with Nick Chubb? Is preparation for Tennessee the same without Nick?

"We're trying to be as balanced as we can. I don't think it's markedly different because they still have capable backs. They're inexperienced but they're talented. We had to go all spring ball thinking we wouldn't have him available, so we've been able to prepare without him."

Are you rooting for the Nick Chubb storyline comeback against Tennessee?

First off, I want us to play our best game. I know that he wants that and I want it for him, but unfortunately, it's out of his control right now.

How much did you focus on Ole Miss film? Did you just dismiss it as a bad game or did you study it?

"No, we looked at it a lot. It's always important to face the truth, face the facts. We don't sweep things under the rug. There were also some good things done. We're here to teach and these are good teaching moments."

Speak on the leadership factor of Greyson Lambert for Jacob Eason.

"He's doing a great job in meetings and in practice on how to study a game, to prepare for the game. Having a guy who has played is great to have for our young quarterback."

What are your thoughts on Les Miles' firing? Is it surprising or just one of those things that happens in college football?

"I haven't thought much about that. We've had so much to focus on for Tennessee that I haven't been able to give that much thought."

Chubb has not been seen at practice for the last two days and he has been seen in a walking boot. It appears that Kirby and his staff are still not clear as to the status of his ankle which can be concerning as game time approaches. Stay tuned for practice updates for any further developments.

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