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Dawg Post Sunday Recruiting Update:

Dawg Post catches up with a few recruits after the embarrassing loss to Vanderbilt on homecoming.

Recruit Reactions:

Georgia commit Andrew Thomas:

"A tough loss but nothing worth fighting for comes easy."

Georgia commit Trey Blount:

"It was a tough loss, but everyone played hard. Sometimes you have games like this, you don't want to have them, but sometimes they happen. Guys wjust have to work hard and get ready for Florida in a couple of weeks."

Georgia commit William Poole:

Win,Lose, Draw, I'm still 100% committed to the G. As far as playing time goes, I'll be ready to compete for that when I enroll."

Georgia 2018 target Kyler McMichael:

"Though they lost it was still a great visit."

There were plenty of underclassmen they visited Georgia as well. 2020 prospects  S Rashad Torrence (Carrollton), OL Jackson Ramey (Banks County), RB Kimani Vidal (Woodward Academy), and ATH Dawson Ellington (Woodward Academy). All four have the potential be be highly ranked recruits down the road. It's a great job by the staff getting young kids to visit as many times as they can. There are so many young talented prospects who try to take as many visits as they can. It's important that the staff gets to know these up and coming prospects as soon as possible.

Thoughts on Vandy loss:

This was an awful loss no way around it. It was clear this game was lost on the offensive line and on special teams. The offensive line played bad because they just arent that good. They got pushed backwards, and they are small and soft. Fortunately for Georgia fans, this lineman Georgia is bringing it next year will have plenty of size. They shouldn't be expected to come in and play as a true freshman, but that could certainly be the case next year. The current offensive line should be the worst we see under Smart as this should be the best offensive line class that Georgia brings in in years. It's tough to watch now, but I believe the line will continue to get better each season. D'antne Demery and Shaffer might need a redshirt next season, but guard Netori Johnson and tackle Andrew Thomas have the potential to play early next season. The staff is still trying to land one more elite lineman, and possibly bring in a JUCO guy if possible. 

I'm putting special teams on the coaches. Stupid mistakes over and over are killing this team and changes need to be made. Reggie Dais should not be out there, and if the staff does continue putting the senior out there, they need to coach him so he doesn't look like a clown and catch the ball on the 3 yard line. That part of football should be common sense, but apparently this team has seniors on it who don't understand simple concepts of the game. The kickoff return defense is awful, and giving returned multiple lanes to throw too. The staff still can't find a kicker who can boot it through the endzone on kickoffs, but Blankenship did notch a couple of touchbacks on Saturday, barely. The punt return team is still bad, even with the dangerous Isiah McKenzie back there. Teams are going with the rugby style punt, which is genius. Teams know McKenzie is a liability on returns since he's bobbled so many in the past. They either give him a tough punt to handle, or he doesn't field it and the ball rolls 20 more yards down the field. It's a lose-lose situation for Georgia right now in the punt return game. They aren't attempting to block the punt, and they can't set up for a decent return either. If McKenzie does end up fielding the football he always has three defenders right in front ready to make the tackle. Occasionally, McKenzie tries to run backwards looking for some amazing play, and ends up costing himself a few yards. The whole thing is a mess right now.

Now there are still plenty of things that need to be fixed with this team including the receivers not getting open, the receivers dropping balls, bad clock management by the coaches, questionable play calling, the inability to permanently bench Juwan Briscoe, and the continued lack of a consistent pass rush. The two problems mentioned above need to be fixed first if Georgia wants to somehow save this season. The Bulldogs are off this week, and play rival Florida in Jacksonville on October 29th.

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