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A Closer Look: UGA pulls away from Asheville

ATHENS - Dawgs able to overcome shaky start and pull away in the second half. Georgia defeats UNC Asheville 60-46.

After a slow start plagued by unforced errors and an inability to get the ball to their skill players, JJ Frazier and Yante Maten stepped up, allowing Georgia to pull away from UNC Ashville. The Dawgs defeated the (other) Bulldogs, 60-46. This team may struggle this season if they fail to find an offensive identity. With All-SEC caliber players at point guard and power forward, Mark Fox needs to ensure his best players are receiving the majority of the touches. 

The Good: outside of the obvious, being the play of J.J. Frazier and Yante Maten, after sitting at 46-41, it was good to see Fox call a time out, settle the team down and finish on a 14-5 run. Georgia also won the rebounding battle against a small team, 45-29.

The Bad: hopefully Mark Fox's propensity to work in up to 12 guys will not get the Dawgs too out of rhthym in the future. It is tough gain chemistry when subs are occuring every time out. Ideally, Fox can hammer down his 8-9 man rotation before it costs Georgia a game they shouldn't lose.

Areas of Improvement: this team must develop an offensive identity to be successful. Whether it's inside/out or outside/in, it does not seem to matter, but something needs to be done to avoid the 4-5 minute scoring slumps that Georgia has found lulling themselves into over the past few seasons. 

Yante Maten: did a great job of demanding the ball when Georgia needed a basket. Finished the night with 18 points and 9 rebounds. If he and J.J. Frazier can remain the focal points of this offense, they could be successful. If not, they will struggle with offensive identity.

Derek Ogbiede: while there will be one pass that he misses a game that makes everyone question his hand-eye coordination, Ogbeide is turning into a very servicable second big man. He has to stop ball watching so much when the shot goes up and get a bit more crisp around the rim, but working with/against Maten everyday could certainly help that.

Turtle Jackson: having someone who has the ability to handle the ball, giving Frazier the time to work off of screens could help this Bulldog offense move a bit more fluidly.

Juwan Parker: must recognize that this offense is not built to function around him. He can be a very pivotal asset to a potentially quality team, but must find his role. UNC Ashville was able to cut the lead to 5 midway through the second half after shooting 3-11 in the first 30 or so minutes. He needs work as a complement to Maten and Frazier.

J.J. Frazier: his body control is rather impressive. The ability to split the double team at such a small stature allows him to be dynamic, larger defenders have to play off a little bit allowing him space to shoot on the outside. Finished the night with 18 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds. 

Tyree Crump: the freshman did not have his best shooting performance tonight, but he had quality looks (0-5 on the evening). He handles the ball well and giving Georgia the ability to have three quality ball handlers (he, Frazier, and Jackson) may give the Dawgs a bit more comfort when dealing with large back courts. 

Pape Diatta: has an opportunity to work into the regular rotation if he can improve on defense at the wing. Replacing Geno on offense could serve as an efficiency benefit if his defense can replace the clip Geno consistently puts up.

E'Torrion Wilridge: another player who needs development, but could help out and be a regular in this rotation. 

Houston Kessler: surprising to see him in the rotation so early. He lit a fire under Ogbeide after he replaced him early in the first half. 

Kenny Paul Geno: a quality defensive player, but needs to develop an offensive side to be a regular starter. Looking to Wilridge, Harris, and Diatta for offense at the wing will be key

Mike Edwards: only tallied two rebounds in 18 minutes, but he provides a bit more physicality on the defensive end than Kessler. 

Jordan Harris: hit a three in his first minute of game action. He can provide depth at wing, a position at which Georgia desperately needs someone to step up.

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