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ATHENS - Dawg Post's insider recruiting news and notes.

As always, this time of the year, recruiting is very fluid.


Here are some notes:


--  Like I posted Sunday, DeAngelo Gibbs made it to Athens Sunday and he ended up staying the night.  He and his family got the academic presentation, they met with Kirby and some of the coaches, and they were made a real priority.  I still think UGA is the team to beat here, but Alabama has made this close.  You just cannot EVER sleep on the Tide.  Georgia has done all they can do here from what I am told.  Gibbs put out his final five schools last night on Twitter and he had UGA at No. 1, but then he tweeted out, it was in no order.  Was it though?  Georgia just hopes to weather the Alabama storm and get him locked in at the UA game.  i can say for a fact that his parents really like what UGA did yesterday.  They both were impressed with how UGA squeezed things for them.


--  JUCO DB Lonnie Johnson was in town for an OV and he will announce his decision Tuesday evening.  It looks like he will choose UGA based on what I am hearing if UGA decides he is a take.  I have heard he checks many of the boxes for UGA and specifically, DB coach Mel Tucker.  UGA likes him at CB.  West Virginia is UGA's biggest comp.  He is a mid year, so if UGA has a spot for him, and he chooses UGA, then he will be in Athens for spring ball.


--  LB Monty Rice is one of the hardest prospects to read in the country...  Cam Akers or even Delo might be next...  There are quite a few this cycle.  Rice will announce around 12:30pm ET today.  I am staying with Georgia, but he could very easily choose Auburn.  Nobody really knows.  As I type this, he has yet to tell any college coaches anything... He did not host coaches from any school Sunday.  Auburn and Georgia both were hoping to see him.  He is somewhat introverted, and very quiet, so not many know what he is feeling/thinking these final hours.  Based on all my calls/texts and intel, Georgia seems to be trending ever so slightly.  Nothing would surprise me here though.


--  I posted on the Clemson board Saturday from the Dome that the Tigers do lead for Trevor Lawrence right now.  I have said on here for over a month that I would give Clemson the edge for Lawrence, but I now say with confidence, that at this time the Tigers are No. 1.  Likely a March/April decision.  He does plan to get back to UGA after signing day.  Far from over.


--  Keep an eye on Xavier McKinney... I did some checking around over the past week and UGA may be in this more than most think.  He is not the lock to Clemson that he has been painted out to be.  There may be some more news here, so if something comes out in the coming weeks, we will discuss THAT more.  But for now, Alabama is still targeting him as is Georgia, and they both are giving Clemson a run.  UGA likes him A LOT.  He is an enforcer out on the field.  One to watch a little closer now than most thought a month or two ago.


--  UGA is ALL OVER 2018 DE/OLB Brenton Cox out of Stockbridge.  I was there last week, and Sherrer was there... Rocker was there the week before.  They want him on campus as soon as possible.  He is a beast and will likely be a top 100 kid.  Just one to know for the future.  I will have a story on him later this week.


--  On Isaiah Wilson, I am hearing UGA is a real player here... Some say Bama is UGA's biggest comp, but I continue to hear it is Michigan.  Pittman has made a huge impression on the family here.  A decision right around Christmas is likely.  UGA is very much in this, I am told the visit could not have gone any better and Wilson knows he could plays a lot, possibly start in the SEC as a freshman at UGA.  He has not revealed much about the visit yet, but he could later this week.


--  Like I said last week, Dell McGee was at D'Andre Swift's state title game, then at his home Sunday... Things still look good here.  Yes, he will likely take visits in January, but Georgia still appears to be a good spot to hold on.  I have hear nothing different.


--  DE Robert Beal was at NC State... I am told there is no concern right now; that he is still strong to UGA.


--  On JUCO OL D'Marcus Hayes, I am still hearing his family would love for him to stay in Miss and to choose Miss St, but that there may be some questions on the staff there.  UGA is in this, for sure.  He is another one of those who says very little, so it has been hard to get too much here, but with that said, I am hearing it is Miss St vs. UGA and the Dawgs do have a shot.


--  I have been asked about Aaron Sterling before... At this time, I just do not see him in this class.  Things could change, but right now, SC or NC State.


--  Another 2018 stud to know — Derrik Allen.  I am hearing good things from his camp about Georgia.  He is a top DB that named his top 10 last night, and UGA, of course was one.  Ohio State and Clemson as two to watch and UNC is a dark horse because he is from N.C.

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