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Merry Christmas Buzz: UGA Punishes Tech

The ACC isn’t going to be kind to Josh Pastner in his first season - Georgia sure wasn’t.

The ACC isn’t going to be kind to Josh Pastner in his first season - Georgia sure wasn’t. 

The Dawgs punished their in-state rivals 60-43 - the most lopsided win for the Dawgs over the Jackets on Tech’s campus since 1980.

And for all of the rah-rah and the “To Hell with Georgia” stupidity, these Jackets never really had a chance. They scored the lowest total in the series in nearly 40 years. 

It was a beating on North Avenue. Merry Christmas Buzz. 

This is a bad Georgia Tech team right now. I’m not sure how they get better this season. The Jackets looked completely lost on offense, and seemed to only be able to score when UGA made a mistake. Layups were 50-50 propositions for Tech. They managed only one three-point ball the entire game. 


Again, this is a bad Georgia Tech team right now, and that’s not where you want to be heading into ACC play.

And even though the Dawgs didn’t play as well as they have in their previous two games, they punished Georgia Tech on Tuesday night. The Bulldogs, too, were sloppy - particularly in the first half. Back-to-back dunks by Kenny Paul Geno, of all people, seemed to put the game away for the Dawgs in the second half.

And the Georgia crowd let the Jackets hear about it. We were told it was a sellout in Atlanta. A sell out because of two things: Georgia was playing in Atlanta, and Georgia fans went to watch Georgia play in Atlanta. 

The question is if this beating got the Dawgs any closer to the NCAAs than they were before tip off. Winning always trumps losing, but we will look back and not really consider this a great win for the Bulldogs… that’s if we consider this game at all. UGA’s best win right now is either this contest or the home opener against UNC Asheville - not so hot for a team folks keep talking up about getting into the NCAAs. 

The good news is that the Dawgs are playing as well as they have played all season right now. And they are hitting a critical stretch of the season. Games at Oakland (No. 188) and at Auburn (No. 65) come before a home date with the suddenly-surging Chickens (No. 20). 

Winning all three would be optimal, but at this point thinking that will happen is being optimistic. Georgia’s only top-100 win of the season is over UNCA (No. 62). The Dawgs’ three losses are against to-100 teams - No. 6 Kansas, No. 72 Clemson and No. 91 Marquette.

Right now UGA is on the outside of the NCAAs looking in. But it is a good thing that the SEC has improved over what most of us though it would be coming into the winter. Georgia didn’t do itself a ton of favors (as usual) in the pre-conference schedule. Going 1-3 against Power 5 foes isn’t what you want, but digging a pre-SEC hole is par for the course for this program under Mark Fox. 

Perhaps the SEC will be the saving grace this season for Georgia (No. 60). Kentucky is Kentucky (No. 8). The Gators (No. 4), Chickens (No. 20), Hogs (No. 27), Rebs (No. 41) and Toy Soldiers (No. 55) are all ranked in front of the Dawgs coming into SEC play. That means Georgia has an opportunity it didn’t have before the season to surge during conference play, and win games that matter. 

It also means Georgia might eat more SEC losses than it has in the last few seasons. Nonetheless, the opportunities will be there. 

Still, tonight was about Georgia restoring order to a rivalry gone wrong the Saturday after Thanksgiving. And they did just that in a very big way.

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