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Jim Chaney Disappointed in UGA Production

MEMPHIS - UGA Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney met with the media before the Liberty Bowl on Wednesday.

University of Georgia Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney on how the offense has played this season:

“I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say I was a little disappointed in our production throughout the fall. As a play caller and coordinator, that burden lies with me—always has and always will. I carry that with me every day of my life. As a play caller, you feel obligated to those kids to put them in better positions and to score more points. Obviously, that’s my job to do that. There were times this year when we didn’t get that done. You always feel like you’re failing when those things take place. There’s been a lot of reflection on my part throughout the season and bowl preparation on what we could’ve done better, what we should’ve done better. That will continue through the off season when Coach (Kirby) Smart and I got the chance to sit down and visit more about the direction we want to go. I just felt like we could’ve done a lot better and a lot of that starts with me.”

Chaney on the clash in philosophy between what the offense wants to do and personnel available:

“There are a lot of reasons you can say that and you could say other things. The bottom line is we just didn’t get it done. There were some games we just didn’t get it done. I’ll say this of our players, they were awesome. They practiced hard everyday. I felt like every game they showed up and played their hind ends off for us, and we just weren’t able to produce the points we needed to to ensure a victory on some occasions, but they played hard. When I look back on it, that’s one thing I’m really proud of.”

Chaney on moving up to the booth:

“I think it helped a little bit. It was a calming thing for me personally. I think it was good. I think it worked. I think we needed a little change there. We were stagnant; we were stale. It helps. That’s not a gimmick when those things take place, those things are thought out things we decide to do when we try to look at things differently. Let me see the game from a different view. I’ve called more games from up there than I have on the field, so I thought it was beneficial.” 

Chaney on the meeting he had with Sony Michel and Nick Chubb:

“You’ve got two guys that are competitive as heck and want the football. They basically said, ‘Hey Jim, you’re doing too much. Give me the ball and let me try to win the game for us.’ It was a very productive meeting. Anytime players come in to a coordinator’s room with ideas and want to say, ‘Let us help. Give us more,” my door will always be open for those guys. I respect the heck out of those two kids and it was a very good meeting. It reminded me how important this is to those guys, like I didn't know already. At the end of the day, it needed to be said and they got some stuff off their chest, which was good. Quite honestly, they were right. Let’s give them the ball and see what takes place. When things don’t quite go your way, you try to look for different things and sometimes going back to the basics is the best answer and I think it was in that case.”

Chaney on Jacob Eason:

“I feel like the game started slowing down for Jacob (Eason) about game eight, and I feel like he’s doing some good stuff. I feel comfortable with where he is. His progression on team coverages is not quite where it needs to be yet, so we’ll work continuously on that in the offseason and in spring football. There’s development everywhere that needs to be done in Jacob’s growth. His development from under center, seeing defenses is key for our progression. He’s learned to work throughout the fall. Early on, it was good. Then, it got better and it got better and it got better. He’s seen the benefits around working on your issues. I’ve always said to outwork your fleas. When you’re not sure of something, go to work. I think that’s what he’s done here in the last month and it’s really good for him. In the last five or six games of the season, he really put a lot of time in. He understands the importance of the game right now I think. Sometimes when you’re young, there’s a lot of stuff flying at you out there. It’s tough to put yourself in those positions.”

Chaney on the future of the offense:

“I just know that there’s always a good times when the season is over to sit down and reflect and discuss possibility of doing things differently or changing some stuff. We can deal with that at a later date. Those discussions won’t be unique this season just because we didn’t score the points we needed to score, that takes place year in and year out. If we had had the number one offense in the SEC, we’d still be discussing on how we can get better. Those conversations are consistent with any offensive program.”

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