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They Said It: UGA Wins Liberty Bowl

MEMPHIS - Quotes from Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Trent Thompson and Kirby Smart after UGA's 31-23 win over TCU.

Georgia Head Coach Kirby Smart

(Opening Statement)

“First, I’d like to give a special thank you to the Liberty Bowl, and the people here in Memphis have been so welcoming to us and it was a great bowl game for us. I also want to thank our seniors for the hard work they’ve done. Many of these guys have prepared over the last month and really did a great job. It was a total team effort. We had ups and downs in the game, swings in momentum, a lot of things rolling in that game. I have a lot of respect for Gary Patterson and the TCU program. They’ve always done good things and will continue to do that. But I’m proud of these young men on our team. They do not quit. They keep working, working and working, and they never stop. They don’t look at the scoreboard, which is what we ask them to do, and that turned out well for them today.”

(On the difference between being stubborn and being committed to the run)

“It’s a fine line. Sometimes you have to do things offensively you don’t want to do, but have to do. You look at those rushing stats, and it says rushing for UGA 248, rushing for TCU 175. I’m a big believer in running the ball to win the game. At the end of the day when we had to run the ball, we did. That’s a mark of two good backs (Nick Chubb and Sony Michel) and that’s the mark of some tough guys up front. Certainly we struggled with that early in the game, but give credit to these backs, Coach Chaney and the offensive line.”

(On this win creating momentum going into next season with so many guys returning)

“I think it does a lot for us. I really believe that, whether we won or lost today’s game, this program is heading in the right direction. It certainly helps tremendously for us recruiting and momentum-wise to have won the game. That good feeling that it doesn’t matter whether you got seven wins, 11 wins, 13 wins, there’s no elevator on a mountain. You got to climb, you got to work, and that’s what this team is going to do. They’ve done that all year, they’ve fought and they’ll continue to do that. It certainly helps that 8-5 is better than 7-6, but neither one is where we want to be and we acknowledge that. We know we have to have a better offseason, and a large portion of our team is coming back. We got some young players that probably started reading some of the press clippings that didn’t play real well today and they’ve got to understand that it’s every day you got to come to work.”

Georgia Players

(TB Sony Michel)

“Our seniors have been very committed to this team throughout the whole season. I know some other teams probably have some seniors that are ready to go on to the next level and ready to continue with life, but our seniors have stuck in there. Throughout practice, they came out here and fought hard with us even though we went through adversity.”

(DT Trenton Thompson)

“I think I practiced pretty well. I went in with the mindset that you have to stick with it and listen to the coaches. Overall, we played some good defense today.”

(TB Nick Chubb)

“No matter who you play, it’s always hard. We played a good game. Everyone was fresh, everyone was motivated even though we struggled and kept going 3-and-out, and everything was tough. But, we never stopped. No one on the offense stopped, no one on the team stopped. We just kept pounding and trusting and believing in what we do.”

“Eventually, we ended up breaking some (plays) here and there. Sony ended up breaking a couple, and I ended up breaking a couple. After a while, no one wants to keep tackling us. We ended up going back to the fundamentals. I think we just kept pounding and kept opening it up. It’s a blessing to be where I am, and I thank God every day.”

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