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Dawgs fall to Gamecocks: A Closer Look

ATHENS - Dawgs shoot 36% from the field, miss an opportunity to start 2-0 in conference play. Typical offensive consistency woes haunt Georgia again.

Georgia and South Carolina were knotted for most of the first half, but then in quintessential Mark Fox fashion, the Dawgs hit long second half scoring drought (only scoring six points in the first 8 minutes of the second half) that thwarted the team late.  They fall to Frank Martin and the Gamecocks, 67-61. Even though UGA out rebounded South Carolina (40 to 34) and shot 13 more free throws, they shot 36% from the field and turn the ball over _ times, a mark that will not win you many basketball games against decent teams.

The Good - Surprisingly, it was Juwan Parker. If Parker can learn that the offense is not designed to run through him and play quality minutes as a second guard, Georgia's offense will be much more dynamic. Especially when teams are keying in on #1 and #30.

The Bad - Unfortunately on this night it was the two players who normally provide the impetus for Georgia, Maten and Frazier. The two combined to shoot 7 for 22

The Concerning - After watching a team that was so hot against Auburn, especially in the second half, it is very concerning to see the Dawgs not able to take any real strides forward at home. It has been a two steps forward, one step back kind of season.

The Improving - Well, there was a really solid On this night, there was not much that improved. Georgia came back to beat Auburn, leading many to think the team may have gotten the momentum they needed to pick up victories in very winnable SEC games. 

Turtle Jackson (#0) - Jackson has been streaky for the past season and a half, but he currently seems to be in the valley of one of those streaks. The Dawgs need him to step up, especially against larger back courts that may shut down JJ.

Yante Maten (#1) - Even though Maten ended up with a double double (18 and 10) and hit a clutch 3 to make it a one point game with less than a minute to play, he struggled for the majority of the evening. Granted, he was getting hacked like hacking Yante Maten was the cure to cancer. Georgia just will not many games this season that he shoots 4/12 from the field

Jordan Harris (#2) - Jordan Harris seems to have come into his own after non-conference play. He has found his way into the starting line up and the Dawgs should probably look to him to step up as the consistent third scoring option we've been talking about all year.

Juwan Parker (#3) - While Parker normally has tried to step up as the third scoring option and played rather inconsistently, he played within himself tonight, starting 4/4 from the field.

Tyree Crump (#4) - He seems to have found himself buried on Mark Fox's bench. Crump is someone who showed promise early, but never quite found his streak. I'd like to think he can find it with some more development.

Pape Diatta (#5) - Like Harris, Diatta is coming into his own a bit. He just seems to make a lot more sense than Geno in wing spot.

Houston Kessler (#24) - I hate being hard on college kids, but it truly baffles me as to why Kessler continues to see significant minutes, especially when there are other options (with Maten, Edwards, and Ogbeide + the ability to play small)

Kenny Paul Geno (#25) - While he does not have much effect on the flow of the game offensively, he provides a quality defensive presence. If he can manage to hit just two or three buckets a game, he could provide a legitimate impact.

Mike Edwards (#32) - I like the development that Edwards has shown over the course of the season. He still needs to work on his free throws a bit as well as a semblance of a jumper, but his athleticism allows him to serve as another compliment to Maten.

Derek Ogbeide (#34) - It would be very nice to see Ogbeide to be able to act as a back to the basket scorer, especially when Yante receives the ball at the top of the key. If nothing more, he needs to be a rim protector.

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