Dawgs struggle, but beat Mizz: A Closer Look

ATHENS - Tempers flare right before halftime, Dawgs use 51 point second half to power team over Missouri, improving to 10-5 overall.

After a tumultuous first half shooting the basketball, Georgia surged back with 51 second half points as the Dawgs defeat Missouri 71-66 in quite a chippy Saturday afternoon contest. To be as frank as possible, Georgia runs the pick up offense of an un-athletic pick up basketball team. There is a lot of standing around the perimeter with one or two poor efforts to try to work the ball inside before ultimately settling for a long three or contested pull up jumper. They are actually not too bad when they get out and run, as JJ Frazier tends to make good decisions while in transition. Without a true third scoring option, Georgia will not win many games against quality teams, which Missouri is not (falling to 5-9 on the year) without JJ Frazier and Yante Maten playing extremely well.

The Good: Juwan Parker played his second solid game in a row for Georgia. If he can try to not do so much and hit open shots when available, Georgia will have to look to him when Frazier struggles.

The Bad: The entire first half. The Dawgs turned the ball over 12 times while only scoring 20 points. They simply cannot go on streaks of offensive inactivity and expect to compete in the SEC.

The Improving: Much to my surprise, the crowd in Stegman today was very active and very loud. Especially after the scuffle that occurred right before halftime. 

The Concerning: Missouri has not won an SEC game on the road in 2+ years and Georgia just had to fight one out at home. The second half play, especially defensive intensity, was good to see, but this game should have been handled much sooner.

Turtle Jackson (#0): Seeing his removal from the starting line up was no real surprise. Jackson has a nice jump shot and is a quality ball handler, but seems a bit out of place with JJ on the floor. If he can find a role as a true point guard or true shooter, he will function much better than the off guard.

Yante Maten (#1): Once again, it was Maten and Frazier that lead the Dawgs. Yante finished with 17 and 9, but only managed to attempt 9 field goals. Georgia must find a way to better get him the ball while he is on the block and rotating around the paint.

Jordan Harris (#2): A recent fixture in the starting line up, it looks like Harris just needs a bit more confidence. He seems hesitant to pull up and shoot, often deferring to teammates. Hopefully continuing to start and play significant minutes will instill a bit of confidence to the youngster.

Juwan Parker (#3): Like I mentioned above, Parker has strung together two quality games in a row. It seems that the less shot attempts he makes, the more efficient he seems to play. Let's hope it can continue moving forward because the Dawgs desperately need life/identity on offense.

Tyree Crump (#4): They need to get Crump in more catch and shoot scenarios. As it stands, he is not a great shooter off of the dribble. He has only played two minutes in the last two games combined. We may see him later in his career, but minutes may be few and far between this season.

Pape Diatta (#5): I've been saying all year, Georgia needs Pape to set up as their #1 wing to be successful. He is the only player that seems to know the flow of the offense, especially when it comes to feeding the ball to Yante in the post. Diatta finished with 12 points and 5 rebounds in 27 minutes of work.

Houston Kessler (#24): Bless his heart. He tries very hard out there, but he just does not look confident at all when he has a basketball in his hands. 

Kenny Paul Geno (#25): KPG, or as I will start to refer to him as "Tony Allen without the Moxie" played well defensively, but saw limited minutes due to Diatta playing well.

JJ Frazier (#30): He has excellent body control in transition. It is surprising to see the Dawgs, with a guard heavy line up and a big man that moves well in Maten, that they don't push the tempo a bit more. It could serve them well in conference play.

Mike Edwards (#32): Edwards did not have much of an impact on the stat sheet, but did play well defensively down the stretch. He needs to develop a bit of a jumper to allow him to use his athleticism when he plays back to the basket. 

Derek Ogbeide (#34): Ogbeide has improved as a rebounder, but still needs to do a better job protecting the rim. He pulled down 11 boards in the win today.

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