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How Will UGA, Kirby Close 2017?

ATHENS - Let's get to the point... who will UGA finish up with? An exclusive Dawg Post report inside.

— As of now, UGA commit Devante Wyatt says he is "probably" visiting Florida this weekend.  South Carolina continues to push here and they are selling the chance to play much more earlier there than at Georgia.  I still get the feeling that Georgia hangs on here based on what I am hearing at this time, but it could easily change.  Georgia is working hard here.




—  Jamyest Williams is a take at Georgia RIGHT NOW, I know that has popped up, and he could be a take EVEN if there is another CB that commits.  One commitment definitely affects another right now for Georgia.  I am leaning towards him staying with Carolina at this time, but again, this one is very close, and I give Georgia more of a chance today than I ever have.  It is like 51-49 Carolina right now — that is how tight this one is.




—  Ameer Speed, I like Georgia's chances.  I have been told that there has already been a decision made, and based on what I have heard since Sunday morning, Georgia is in a good spot.  We will continue to track this one.




—  Leonard Warner is set to meet with numerous FSU coaches today (Tuesday) and the Noles have some real confidence right now.  Like I have said for six weeks, some tough decisions will have to be made by Georgia.  Kirby was in the home last Thursday, Georgia had been going strong after him, but things change very quickly in this.  FSU has always been quietly in this, and they are now in position to land the 4-Star LB as I type this.  We will see if this changes anymore, but like I posted last week, I think Wednesday is the day he announces his decision.



—  Keep an eye on TeDarrell Slaton... He visited Florida over the weekend, but did not commit, and I was told Tuesday morning that he is still planning to be at Georgia this weekend.  Slaton is a five-star OL, but he wants to play DL in college and UGA is recruiting him for that position.  Florida is still considered as the big favorite, but you can bet some UGA commits and Sony Michel will be all over this weekend when he gets to Athens.



—  Markaviest Bryant is still a Georgia lean at this time according to what I am hearing.  LSU is in play more than it way, for sure, and Auburn gets the last visit, but Georgia is still the team others are chasing.  




—  Nico Collins is still very much in play.  LSU has made a BIG push here, and the Tigers are right there with Georgia like I reported here a week ago.  This race is a tight one too, and again, it could come down to numbers, but at this time, I am leaning towards Georgia landing this one based on what I am hearing.  This, like others could change, but as of now, Georgia is still trending.  Michigan is not completely out either.




—  Aubrey Solomon... No real shot right now.  They are going to let Saban in for an in-home later this week, but Kirby still does not have one. We will continue to monitor, but really nothing to report on the Georgia side based on what I have heard.




—  Eric Stokes... I like him to end up at Ole Miss as of now.




—  Latavious Brini... I like him to end up at USF as of now.




—  Larrell Murchinson got the offer from Georgia before leaving his official visit, and the Dawgs are trending right now.  It is closer to home, he liked the coaches in Athens, but he is still committed to Ole Miss.  He visits them this weekend.  As of now, I expect him to end up at Georgia, but he still has an OV to Oxford and there are still a week until he may announce his final decision, so things could change.  Georgia wants another DL in this class, there is no doubt about that.




As of right now, this is who I see UGA adding:




CB Ameer Speed


OLB Markaviest Bryant


DT Larrell Murchison


WR Nico Collins (*****The Wildcard)




Yes, that is four, and it very well could end up just being three added to this class to make 26, but I am just going off what I am hearing over the past 24-36 hours.  It is going to be somewhat of a quiet (I think because we won't know/hear a lot until next week) final week, but behind the scenes, there will be a lot going on.




Hang on!

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