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What We Are Hearing

ATHENS - What we are hearing heading into very possibly the first No. 1 class in UGA history...

It could still go a number of different ways, but here is where I feel things stand after working the phones over the weekend.


Starting with the two OVs over the weekend.  


—  WR Nico Collins

All that have been on The Porch for some time know I had Michigan in the lead for about 80-percent, maybe more of the time here.  Georgia has been running second for most of that same time, then LSU got him on campus twice over a five week period and the Tigers started to gain some traction as well.  I recently reported that Michigan was fading a bit, but not to rule them out, and that Georgia and LSU were the schools I was hearing the most about.  With Michigan losing Fisch and Wheatley to other jobs, I was hearing from a couple VERY close to this that it was REALLY hurting Michigan was Collins.  At the same time, I could never get a true read on just how hard UGA was pursuing for Collins, and again, how the numbers in Athens were going to play out.  Most know Nico's father is from Michigan, that he is a big Michigan fan, and that they still have family up there, but the coaching changes seemed to be affecting Nico's interest level.  They family took the visit to Georgia this weekend, and I have been told they had a great time, but my No. 1 source here told me last night that they felt Michigan was back in the driver's seat.  I have been told there was communication between Nico and Michigan while in Athens and that the Wolverines are very likely to win out.  I have heard Georgia has not pushed for him the last few weeks, I have heard they have pushed for him — hard to know the exact truth unless you are in the room with Smart, Coley and the UGA staff.  But, based on what I am hearing, it does not seem like UGA pushed for Nico like they have a guy like Ameer Speed as we have closed on signing day.  All things point to Mark Webb staying with UGA after his OV to Penn State, so based on what I am hearing, I am going with Michigan to sign Collins and for Georgia, they did like Bama and pulled back a bit here.


—  OL/DL TeDarrell Slaton

I have always said Florida, Florida and MORE Florida since Slaton's name came up.  At this time, nothing new to report here.  He did make it to Athens Saturday morning after his basketball game Friday night and he did have a nice talk with Sony Michel over the weekend, but I am told by someone close to Slaton and the American Heritage program that Slaton is expected to sign with Florida Wednesday.  Again, I do not have a lot to go on here, so if I hear more, I will report it here on The Porch first.


Now, onto other targets...


—  DE/Hybrid Markaviest Bryant

He was at Auburn this weekend, and the biggest part of this story is that his mother did not make it over.  She was not in Baton Rouge either.  Big Cat did not expect her to be Athens either, but guess what, she left work a little early Friday January 13 and surprised her son at UGA that weekend.  Georgia has without question won over the mother here, and I have heard for a few weeks now that she wants her son playing for Kirby Smart.  The coach (who is a great guy) was with him at Auburn and he is really helping Bryant with his decision.  I have reported here for a while that it was Georgia 1, Auburn 2, then LSU.  I still very much feel that way, but Auburn is in this and I know Bryant is still in communication with LSU as well.  I personally am not ruling out either Tigers just yet, but I will do more digging on that the next 24-48 hours.  Bryant feels very comfortable at UGA, but does he feel others could put him in a better position to succeed?  I am told that Garner and Steele did an excellent job of laying out their plan for Bryant over the weekend if he chose Auburn, then you have the Arden Key factor at LSU.  I still like Georgia here.  Kevin Sherrer has done an outstanding job of building a strong relationship with Bryant, his mother, the coach and many others that factor in here.


—  CB Ameer Speed

Nothing has changed for me here.  I still like Speed to Georgia.  I have said that for a couple of weeks now and I feel no different about.  I have done numerous interviews the last few days, and I told a few reporters that if I had to name the uncommitted prospect I feel most confident in UGA landing at this time, it would be Speed.  I believe Speed has told the UGA coaches on more than one occasion that they are on top, so this one looks to be in a good spot right now.  He is exactly the type of CB UGA is looking for with size, length and toughness on the outside.  Georgia's coaches, Mel Tucker and Glenn Schumann won the mother over I have been told, and that really happened two weeks ago during an in-home visit.  He announces early Wednesday, and at this time, Georgia is sitting in a good spot.  If anything changes, I will let you know.  


—  ATH Jamyest Williams

I said heading into the weekend that I liked South Carolina's chances to hold on here, and I still feel that way on Monday.  I think it is very close though, and this one could change between now and signing, as any of these could really.  Georgia does like Williams a lot, but they also have mentioned offense to him, not just 100-percent defense.  I am not sure Williams is open to offense because he thinks his future is on the defensive side of the ball.  This one is tough to read, and you cannot put too much into what the father says in interviews... Kirby Smart spent some good one-on-one time with Williams late last week, and UGA does want him I have been told, so it is something I am watching closely.  Right now, I still say South Carolina, but VERY close.


—  DL Larrell Murchison

At this time, it looks like Georgia is trending for Murchison.  It comes down to one thing really — Athens is close to home and family than Oxford.  Yes, he liked the UGA coaching staff, yes, he liked Athens, but in the end, distance is the key factor in this race.  At this time I expect Murchison to have a LOI Wednesday to sign with Georgia.  Could that change?  Yes, without a doubt, but as of very early Monday morning when typing this, I am hearing a lot of Georgia.


—  DL Aubrey Solomon

UGA has been pretty much out here.  I still like Michigan over Bama at this time.


—  CB Eric Stokes

Nothing new here — still Ole Miss for me.


—  LB Leonard Warner

Florida State has been trending hard over the past week.  Early signing day announcement.  


—  CB Latavious Brini

As of today I do not see Brini going back to Georgia, but I am not ruling this completely out depending on how the other dominos fall.  He is not announcing until 1:30pm Wednesday, well after Bryant, Speed and Williams, so we see who those guys pick in the morning, then have a better idea about in the afternoon.  Georgia has remained in regular contact with the South Florida CB who at one time was committed to the Dawgs.


—  DT Devante Wyatt

I will end with this one... Yes, he tripped to Florida this past weekend and South Carolina a legit threat to Georgia, but the person I have been speaking with on this from the beginning continues to say Georgia.  So what do I say?  Georgia.  I have no reason to doubt this one right now, but South Carolina is the one to keep an eye on.

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