Devante Wyatt (© Chad Simmons)

Legge's Thoughts: Devante Wyatt Signs w/ UGA

Dean Legge explains what Devante Wyatt signing with UGA means.

What it means: The first thing that comes to mind when seeing Wyatt is the term “raw”. Big and fast, Wyatt is one of the few players in the Atlanta area who is a high-level prospect playing at a non-elite high school power. 

Guys like Wyatt typically end up at Tucker or Stephenson, but he played his high school ball at Towers. The Titans haven’t had a winning season since 2009, and that was only the fifth such season in the last 23 years. 

I say all of that to say this: prospects from DeKalb County typically have tremendous upside, but in nearly every circumstance they are raw. They don’t get the benefit of a solid strength program. Coaching staffs in DeKalb are almost always a fraction of their Gwinnett and Fulton County peers. 

That’s why Wyatt very well could be the steal of this class. He’s got a very good motor, and he’s easy to motivate. Coach Brian Montgomery seemed to have a very personal relationship with him when I watched Towers beat Medowcreek in August. Like many young, talented and big prospects, Wyatt will have to learn to control his emotions while playing. There were times when chirping from the Mustangs got under his skin. 

With all of that said, Wyatt has the frame and the ability to be an NFL player. He might have more upside than anyone else in this class considering the point at which he is starting. UGA is prospect loaded with potential; they will have to get it out of him, and he will have to deliver.

Dean Legge saw him live: 2016 Kirby Smart Camp; 2016 Towers at Medowcreek

Chad Simmons says: Wyatt is a raw defensive lineman who is really athletic. He will play high,  and he needs to improve his moves and hand usage, but he wins battles in high school with his size, natural strength, quickness and athleticism. He is disruptive and shows great quickness. He is all defensive tackle when you look at his frame and body, but when you evaluate his ability, he could play some strongside end as well. His ceiling is high because of how good he is while being so raw.

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