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Legge's Thoughts: Justin Shaffer Signs w/ UGA

Dean Legge explains what Justin Shaffer signing with UGA means.

What it means: I mean this guy is big. This is the new normal on the offensive line at Georgia. Consider that the No. 239 overall player in the country is the worst offensive lineman the Bulldogs sign in this recruiting cycle. ?

There have been years that a player of that magnitude would be an upgrade. 

At 356 pounds, Shaffer is the biggest player the Bulldogs will sign this fall. It seems unlikely that he will play at that weight in the future - at least not without first losing it and then putting it back on the right way - so he’s got some work to do in the development department. 

But if a road-grading offensive lineman is what you are looking for Shaffer is your guy. He’s likely a guard in the future, but he played offensive tackle in high school. 

Dean Legge saw him live: 2015 Mark Richt Camp; 2016 Cedar Grove vs. Stephenson

Greg Powers says: Shaffer likes to use his power and size to beat the man in front of him. He has played some tackle in high school, but he is an interior lineman all the way on the next level. For his size, he really moves well. He is someone who comes off the ball and drives defenders backwards. He can get to the second level and open big holes for the running backs. He can improve in his pass sets and his footwork. As a run blocker, he is strong, but he needs to improve technique and work his hands more. He can just lean on defenders at times due to his size. He likes to finish his blocks and he can be dominant. The Opening Atlanta Evaluation: This is one prospect from the camp who may have been a bit overlooked in the overall grand scope due to the fact there were other more highly rated prospects who also stood out but he had one of the more dominating performance up front and is in the argument to be the top interior offensive lineman there. He should be described as huge and powerful. If he gets in front of you and gets his hands on you then you are finished. He finished a couple of his blocks with authority, giving him some of the wow moments in his one-on-one highlights

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