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Legge's Thoughts: Matt Landers Signs w/ UGA

Dean Legge explains what Matt Landers signing with UGA means.

What it means: We are led to believe that Landers is the new type of receiver who is long and lean and can go up to get the ball. What we really can’t know is how well he will develop over the next few years. 

As it stands right now, Landers is going to have to physically develop more than a lot of the players around him. A 3-star prospect, Landers is one of the few players to sign with the Bulldogs not ranked in the top 300 in the country. So he’s got a lot to prove. But he’s coming in at a position where youth is king. He will have his shot to make an impact. 

If Landers is successful, the Bulldogs will have taken a raw prospect and developed him into a player. That’s the essence of much of college sports - developing raw players into major contributors. 

Dean Legge saw him live: Never

Chad Simmons says: Landers is a new-age wide receiver that college coaches look for due to his size. He is a legit 6-foot-5, he has very good length, and he can be a real mis-match against smaller corners. He is best going vertical and in jump-ball situations. He is still lean, so he needs to add mass to his frame and get stronger. He can also improve his quickness and bursts out of his breaks. He covers a lot of ground quickly due to his size and he can really make plays on the ball in the air. His best football is ahead of him with his size, hands and room for improvement at wide receiver.

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