Tray Bishop (Photo by Chad Simmons)

Legge's Thoughts: Tray Bishop Signs w/ UGA

Dean Legge explains what Tray Bishop signing with UGA means

What it means: Tray Bishop was almost always the best player on the field, and he played like that more often than not. Another raw prospect, Bishop is considered the No. 156 overall player in the country, and the No. 10 athlete in America. 

At 6-3, 185, Bishop played at tiny Terrell County, which is sandwiched between Americus and Albany. That area has produced some pretty good players over the last decade. Most all of them have been raw players, like Bishop, but guys like Leonard Pope, Shawn Williams and Thomas Davis have done pretty well for themselves. 

If Bishop can play at the level of those three he will do just fine. First, UGA will need to figure out where he will line up. He is a physical tackler, and he will likely wind up on that side of the ball. 

Dean Legge saw him live: Never

Chad Simmons says: Bishop is an athlete. He plays quarterback, but will move to wide receiver or safety on the next level. Not a lot of wiggle there, and a little tightness, but straight-line speed is elite. Has a real burst when he hits daylight or turns up the field. Could be a big safety who not only comes downhill, but one who could turn the ball over. As a receiver, he would be an outside guy with the ability to get vertical. He good length. Will now just have to settle in and learn a position on the next level. His best football is ahead of him.

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