Walter Grant (Photo by Chad Simmons)

Legge's Thoughts: Walter Grant Signs w/ UGA

Dean Legge explains what Walter Grant signing with UGA means.

What it means: A top 100 player, Walter Grant is a raw powerhouse from South Georgia. Because he played at such a small school, Cario, Grant played a slew of positions. He was the Syrupmakers’ running back, slot receiver, middle linebacker and outside pass rusher. It just depended on what was needed at the time. 

That’s a good sign, too. Often prospects who play at small school and don’t play more than one position don’t pan out at the next level. What we know about Grant is that he’s got a tremendous amount of development to do over the next few years. 

His size, 6-4, 235, is already ideal for the college game, but you can have a look at his film and know that he’s got tremendous potential he’s going to have to release over time. I like his explosiveness once he sees the ball. He also does a pretty good job of taking on and then shedding blockers. He’s going to have work on his footwork at the next level. 

The one thing to keep in mind over the coming years is that Grant won’t be taking time learning how to run slot routes; he won’t be shifting from inside to outside linebacker. He’s going to be able to learn the position he’s going play, and that should lead to tremendous upside over time. 

He might be the most overlooked prospect in this class. 

Dean Legge saw him live: Never

Chad Simmons says: Grant is a versatile jumbo-athlete. He is very strong and an imposing figure. He delivers some pop when he makes a tackle. He has long arms, excellent range, and he has real mobility for a prospect his size. Grant could be considered a hybrid. He plays a lot of middle linebacker, but will be an outside linebacker or defensive end more than likely on the next level. He has flashed some explosiveness. He is very athletic with real upside.

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