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Legge's Thoughts: William Poole Signs w/ UGA

Dean Legge explains what William Poole signing with UGA means.

What it means: William Poole was a critical social part of the class of 2017. That he’s not as talented as the whole of the rest of the class means that he’s got work to do in the development category. 

Still, he covers ground well when attacking the run, and he isn’t afraid to tackle ballcarriers. 

Poole, who came on the recruiting scene at a relatively early age as a sophomore in the spring of 2015, is one of a handful of players in Georgia’s 2017 class not considered a top 300 player. But he is an important part of this class because of his contribution to it in terms of where he plays (secondary) and his social game (Poole was one of the most influential prospects for the Bulldogs with his peers in this class). 

Having met and dealt with Poole, its easy to see why folks like him. On the football field he’s going to have some development to do in order to compete for playing time in the future. Top defensive backs in lower-level high school football are rarely challenged in terms of their competition. 

But one can’t overlook how important Poole was to this class. His goal was to make this class the best one in UGA history, and he’s succeeded in doing that.

Dean Legge saw him live: 2015 MVP Camp; 2016 Kirby Smart Camp 7v7; 2016 Kirby Smart Camp; Hapeville Charter at Cartersville

Chad Simmons says: Poole is a cornerback with a nice frame. He has good length at 6-feet tall, and he plays big on the outside. He is still a little lean, so he needs to build onto his frame, and get stronger, but he has the frame to do so. He likes to play press coverage and jam receivers at the line of scrimmage knocking them off their routes. He has good feet and he is more athletic than some may think. He may not be a burner or the most explosive player, but he has quickness and he reacts well to receivers. He has great awareness. He shows great anticipation. He is a solid tackler as well in one-on-one situations.

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