Monty Rice (Photo by Chad Simmons)

Legge's Thoughts: Monty Rice Signs w/ UGA

Dean Legge explains what Monty Rice signing with UGA means.

What it means: For much of the recruiting process, Monty Rice was underrated. He finished up ranked as the No. 192 overall player in the country, which still might be a little low from my viewpoint. 

Rice is also considered the No. 9 overall inside linebacker in the country, and is the first Alabama native of significance to sign with Georgia since Ben Jones did so in 2008. 

But just watch the film of him - he makes a ton of plays… a ton of plays for a highlight film. You have to be careful with highlight films. Usually they are a garbage way to understand what a player is really like, but in this case its a real good way to show how well he plays in coverage, and what he does with the ball when he gets it in his hands. 

The kid just plain makes plays… and that’s what you have to have in the SEC - a playmaker at every position. 

Dean Legge saw him live: Never

Chad Simmons says: Rice plays with an attitude on the field.  Off the field, he is quiet, to himself and somewhat reserved, but when strapped up and on the field, he makes a lot of noise.  He is known for his aggression, his vicious hits and he has been called a Striker or a Thumper, but he is more than that.  He moves pretty well and he has shown the ability to play the flats and to drop into coverage along with being a strong player against the run.  He really excels at getting down hill, taking on the lead blockers and stopping the running back in his tracks.  When he tackles, he forces offensive players to go backwards.  He shows very good instincts, he reads his keys and he really attacks the football.  He can be a little too aggressive at times, and that leads to him taking bad angles to the ball from time to time, so that is an areas he can improve in.  He also comes in to make a tackle high at times, so he can tackle lower and wrap up with more consistency.  Rice can be a real force at inside linebacker on the next level.  He plays hard, but with a calmness, he is a real striker and he is a linebacker who has shown the ability to stay on the field.  He is very quiet off the field, but when he is on it, every knows who he is.

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