Davis ready to move back to linebacker

ATHENS - Thomas Davis is ready to return to linebacker.  Georgia's coaching staff is ready for him to return to linebacker.  But no matter where he lines up, it's clear that Davis is going to be somebody to watch all season.

Saturday was a reminder why.

 One of the more memorable plays from Georgia's 30-0 win over Clemson was a serious hit Thomas Davis put on Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst in the first half.

 Whitehurst completed the pass, but was slow to get up after Davis' hit lifted him into the air before he was driven into the ground.

 Davis moves up to a linebacker spot when Georgia goes into a "dime" defensive alignment, and he was in that position when he made several big plays.

 "It was a basically how we played last year," he said. "It's called the AB position, adjusted back. It was the same way we played it last year."

 Davis, nicknamed "Pokey," earned SEC Defensive Player of the Week honors for his 11-tackle performance.

 "After we came in from practice, they told me. I thought they were joking with me," said the sophomore from Randolph-Clay. "I felt like I had a pretty good game, but I didn't think it was good enough to honors as SEC player of the week."

 Davis would be happy to know that despite his success at safety, he'll be returning to his usual position as soon as Kentrell Curry is healthy.

 "He's good enough to play either spot; he's just quite a ballplayer," said head coach Mark Richt. "He's gonna be much more valuable to us playing linebacker."

 Defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder pointed out that Davis is a playmaker regardless of where he lines up.

 "It's rather obvious he has great physical ability," Van Gorder said. "He's fast, he's explosive. You saw that a year ago when he really made some dynamic kinds of plays.  "He's still getting better."

 Another reason is his mental makeup.

 "That's where I really got a lot of respect for him," Van Gorder said. "The job he did, learning that position (safety) again. He just hadn't done it in awhile. I thought his recall was excellent."

 All that aside, those who watched the game remember the hit. Wideout Fred Gibson stays on Davis' good side, and will continue to do so after seeing that tackle.

 "I tell Thomas, 'You better not even touch me,'" Gibson said. "I know how hard he hits. Y'all saw the game Saturday. The boy hits hard.  "Me and Thomas are pretty good friends, and I want it to stay like that,"

 Davis does tease Gibson.

 "Sometimes he tells me, 'I could've hit you right there,'" Gibson said. "I'm like,'I'm glad you didn't.'"

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