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Have a Seat... Any Seat

ATHENS - It was the third double-digit home loss of the year for Mark Fox’s program.

Florida’s 72-60 win over the Dawgs sends UGA to 12th in the SEC’s standings. Remember, the league only has 14 members. Georgia will now have to perform well over the final seven games of the regular season to avoid playing on Wednesday night of the SEC Tournament for the first time ever.

We are a long way from where pundits suggested this season would be. The media picked Georgia to finish 4th in its preseason poll - not that those guys have a clue. When was the last time someone in the media correctly diagnosed this program? I guess they have been too busy talking up Mark Fox’s coaching, and talking down an possibility that UGA’s could be better than it is right now. 

“Mark Fox isn’t going to cheat… If you fire Fox it might get worse… UGA used to be horrible… no one has ever won there…”

Shut up. 

Fox was a perfectly fine coach at Nevada nine years ago, but there’s little evidence that he's a fit at UGA in today’s SEC. 

For clarification purposes… Fox doesn’t need ten or 12 years to get UGA where it needs to go in basketball - no one needs a decade to get a basketball program where it needs to go. And, no Dave Odom, this isn’t the fault of the fans. This is just no longer a fit. I’m not sure it ever was.

For the record, both of those notions were completely ridiculous from the get go. I can’t stress that enough. 



Tuesday night’s result, Fox’s 11th loss to the Gators in 14 tries, wasn’t nearly the worst thing that happened. Teams are going to lose basketball games… that’s sports (do I need to bring up the Super Bowl, or the fact that UGA has lost 11 times thus far this season?). 

What was so bad was that seats were readily available not just in the upper sections of Stegeman Coliseum, but all through the student section. Students live in Athens and can go to games for free. If Tuesday night’s attendance is any indication, UGA’s fans have given up on this team. There’s no question its students have.

A game that tips at 7 PM (not 9 PM) against a ranked rival in your house with any hope of post-season on the line… and an announced total of 7,605 people - dozens of whom were in orange and blue - arrived? UGA’s student section was red and black alright - red seats with black trim were available by the dozens. 

I don’t say fans have given up on a team lightly. But that’s what’s going on here. No amount of explanations or excuse making will change the fact that this thing is too far gone to be saved. I have talked about this for a few years now, but it has to be obvious for folks to see now, right?

I mean for everyone, but perhaps Dave Odom.

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