What You Missed About the Indoor Facility

ATHENS — It’s about time. The Georgia Bulldogs finally have their indoor facility comparable to the nation's biggest programs.

Georgia might’ve been a little behind the curve on getting an indoor facility among other SEC schools, but they have one now, and a damn good one at that. The new Indoor Athletic Facility (IAF) comes with an indoor field, yeah, but also several other new features the program lacked before. The highlights included: 

Nutrition lounge — They had all the supplies for it (smoothies, gatorades, protein shakes, ect.), but before they kept it all in a storage room and on a cart in the locker room. Now, they have a set area for athletes to come in, grab whatever they need before practice or workouts. 

Catering room — Whenever the team had meals catered, it required a whole set up to provide a place to put all the food and make it easily accessible to athletes trying to eat. To address the issue, they built a whole room designated to taking in and serving foot. The catering room has a door that leads outside to the street, allowing for an easy drop off for the food. Inside, there are several stainless steel tables that circles the room, giving the players an easy, steady place to grab food.

Batting cages? — Not football related, but hanging high in the building was the net’s which looked to be batting cages. This would give the softball team and baseball team a place to practice during inclement weather.

Smart’s office and lounge — In the southwest corner of the building, there is a lounge overlooking the whole facility with several couches and chairs and a TV. Connected is Smart’s new office.

Wall mural — On the wall opposite of the lounge and Smart’s office, there is a mural on the wall with former UGA greats: A.J. Green, Matthew Stafford, Todd Gurley, Leonard Floyd and David Pollack. The only thing that stuck out was that it looked like paper, meaning it could get changed at any time. 

Pole vault and sandpit are — On the side, of the field there is a small sandpit in a small track area for triple-jump and long jump. On the opposite side of the track area, there is a pole vaulting area.

Yeah, not the most interesting sounding stuff, but very beneficial to the program. Not only does this facility allow teams to practice during bad weather, but will also do wonders in the recruitment game. A state of the art practice facility will very attractive to recruits, especially when they see it out of a lounge overlooking the whole place.The lounge overlooking the field will be used for recruits to oversee the whole place. 

At first glance, the new indoor field is exactly that, an indoor field. But this place is a real game changer for the athletic program. It provides a whole element of training and preparation to teams. And I mean, Kirby’s already established himself as a dominant recruiter, imagine what he could do with this.

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