Gibson still questionable

Richt does not know Gibson's status, yet.

"I don't know for sure on Fred. He is gimping around right now. I don't know how long that his situation will be. We will find out more tomorrow when he tries to move around a little bit. I just couldn't tell you right now," Richt said.

The coaching staff has praised Gibson lately for improving his blocking and his away from the ball play.

"Fred is in the situation that he is right now because he was in the game. I don't think that he is too down. I don't know how bad it is, we are going to have to wait a day or two. I guess that it is a hamstring, those things are hard to tell. Ron (Corson) is not sure," said Richt about the doubt of the medical staff regarding Gibson's injury.

Gibson had 5 catches for 81 yards against Middle Tennessee yesterday. His 23 yard reception was his long for the day.

When asked if he had forgiven himself for leaving Gibson in the game right said no.

"Not yet. It was really kind of strange because the kickoff team is sitting there and Coach Rucker is talking to them. (MTSU) had a penalty after their touchdown, so they had to kickoff 15 yards closer to our endzone. I am thinking ‘we are going to get a big return'. I was just excited about those guys getting a big return."

"Coach Rucker was in the huddle getting them ready to go and I peeked my head in there and said: ‘Let's take it to the house'. Fred was standing right there and Decory Bryant was too. Both of our return men probably should not have been in the game at that time; they were and Fred is in the situation right now because of it," said Richt.

Last season Gibson had 6 receptions for 116 yards last season against the Gamecocks including a 53-yard reception to open up the game.

"We'll see if he can run tomorrow," he said.

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