Film review - MTSU

A review of the game after looking at the game film from yesterday's win over MTSU.


What in the world was Fred Gibson playing for with only 2 minutes left in the game. Mark Richt's decision to leave him in (or his forgetfulness to remove him) was a big mistake. Gibson could miss significant time during the most important stretch of the season.


The color yellow makes most Georgia fans sick. That was taken to another level on Saturday as Georgia set a team record for most penalties in a game. Georgia needs to get more disciplined if they want to avoid shooting themselves in the foot and giving up too many free yards in big games.

Special teams trouble

Billy Bennett missed a 45-yard field goal and another snap was botched. Bennett is consistent and has become the school's 3rd leading scorer ever, but he can't kick the ball well all season if the snaps don't get better. And they had better get better fast because Georgia's games with South Carolina always seem low scoring.

Worst Play

Putting David Greene and DJ Shockley in the same backfield netted only one yard; but it will give Lou Holtz and Nick Saban something to think about in the next two games. MTSU read and played the play well.


Learned from mistake

Instead of going for it on 4th and short in the 3rd quarter, Richt decided to call upon Billy Bennett to go up by 10 points. Richt acknowledged that he must rely on Bennett more and that he can not go for it on 4th down every time just because he is frustrated that the offense does not move the ball.

Best Play

Michael Cooper showed that he was for real when he scored in the first half. Cooper is the back that Georgia will have to use for this, the most critical part of the season. Cooper is big, strong, fast, and powerful. He looked a lot like Musa Smith yesterday and if the offensive line can block enough for him, Cooper can establish himself for the rest of the season. Georgia needs a running game against the Cocks and Cooper is the guy that can give it to them.

No answer:

David Pollack, again, was double teamed most of the day yesterday. But that did not prevent him from making plays. South Carolina could run a little option this Saturday; if they do, the Gamecocks should run away from Pollack if they plan on running the option. He has stopped the option every time that it has been run toward him this season.

Stepping up:

Reggie Brown is the step up player this week. He had 7 catches for 88 yards in a solid performance. Georgia needs Brown, who was a captain this week, to play big against Carolina.

"We moved Reggie into the starting lineup because of the way that he has been playing," said Richt.

With Gibson's status unknown it will be up to Brown to provide the big play magic for the Dawgs.

Gary still a star

Damien Gary's punt returning ability is a weapon that Georgia has taken advantage of for some time now. But it appears that now, more than even, Gary has been stepping it up even more. Against MTSU, he had 3 returns for 45 yards. That's an average of 15 yards a return. He had a return long of 23 yesterday.

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