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Legge's Thoughts: Eason Looks Good

ATHENS - Dean Legge shares his views on Georgia’s first practice of 2017.

I watched the QBs the entire time. That means I also watched the running backs and receivers. Jacob Eason is clearly more physically gifted than Jake Fromm. Today, too, in the limited time we were able to view practice, Eason had a very sharp day and time. Eason appeared to be the quarterback who was the one making the snap calls when he and Fromm were cycling together. 

Also, Fromm got the first and final throw in each drill the Bulldogs’ offense had. He was crisp. Eason did a better job of getting the ball out of his hands than we/I’ve seen in the past. The offense appeared to be working on quick game. 

That work didn’t include Nick Chubb being flexed out to a receiver spot like it did for all of the other running backs. Chubb, in that time period, was working on the read option with Fromm. You would like that Fromm would be well equipped and ready to run quick game when that time comes, but today he was working with Chubb while the receivers and most of the rest of the running backs were split out wide. 

Very rarely in the time we were out there was a ball thrown more than 15 yards down the field. Most balls that all of the quarterbacks were working - including soon-to-be-transfer Brice Ramsey - were within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. Many of them were within five yards. If Georgia is getting ready to go hurry up - not a spread necessarily, but hurry up - then that coincides with what has been brewing behind the scenes and with what Kirby said earlier today about the offense being more productive and not just lining up in the I formation. 

Terry Godwin and Issac Nauta were usually No. 1 and 2 in the line of receivers. Both had good catches at the start of the viewing periods. Sony Michel had a drop. That was the only drop I saw out there today. So the drop game wasn’t like it was in the fall. 

The defensive line was working with new coach Tray Scott. There was a lot of work and talking/teaching going on. There were a ton of recruits scattered around the grounds, and many of them were around Scott’s position in the middle of the bottom fields. 

Couple more things… it was hot today. Not August hot, but hot enough that some of the kids on this team are gong to be very tired after today’s practice. Guys like Lorenzo Carter, who told the media that he’s added around 20 pounds in the offseason, are going to lose weight in weather like this. To be clear, Carter was listed at 242 last season in the media guide, and he is listed at 242 on the roster given today. It is completely possible that Carter wound up playing around 230 pounds at the end of last season, and that he’s around 249 right now. That’s completely plausible. 

The amount of weight lost during a season is a pretty good amount. If you do have more than enough by the time August 1st rolls around - you are not gaining it during the season. 

Finally, here are what the six new enrollees are listed at by UGA as of today. 

No. 2 - Richard LeCounte, 5-11, 180

No. 8 - Deangelo Gibbs, 6-1, 200

No. 9 - Jeremiah (J.J.) Holloman, 6-2, 195

No. 11 - Jake Fromm, 6-2, 225

No. 32 - Monte Rice, 6-1, 235

No. 78 - D’Marcus Hayes, 6-5, 315

One other roster note... Trent Thompson is listed on the Bulldogs' roster for 2017 spring. 

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