What else is new? Holtz loves Dawgs

Columbia, SC – Lou Holtz is enamored with the Georgia Bulldogs. <p> Lou Holtz is enamored with just about anyone that South Carolina plays.

At today's press conference, Holtz explained that while the Gamecocks may be nearly as talented as the Dawgs, they are missing one important variable.

"Talent-wise we are as close to Georgia as we ever have been since I have been here. But we don't have the tradition that Georgia does," he said. Georgia has won 11 SEC titles; South Carolina has never won one.

Tradition aside, Carolina has won two of the last three games against the Dawgs. Still, Holtz went through every position pointing out the strengths of the Bulldogs and concluded by saying that his Cocks should be heavier underdogs.

He started his praise of Georgia with the Dawgs' defense.

"They have for dominating defensive linemen. Their defense is totally underrated. They have given up 30 points in the last 5 games (MTSU, Clemson, Florida State, Arkansas, and Georgia Tech). The last two years we have only scored 21 points against them (14-9 & 13-7)," he said.

"I don't see us moving the ball and scoring very much against them," Holtz added.

But the Gamecock defense has been doing well too.

South Carolina has allowed only 14 points this season, with only one of the touchdowns coming against the Gamecock defense. The South Carolina defense had had no penalties thus far this season; pretty impressive.

But Holtz was quick to point out that his team has not seen the firepower that Georgia has yet this season.

"We have not been challenged on defense yet," he said.

Holtz is impressed with the Georgia offense, particularly quarterback David Greene.

Of Georgia's young offense line Holtz said: "I didn't think that they would be as prolific as they are this early in the season."

"I can see why David Greene was the player of the year in the SEC. He has improved so much since our game last season," the veteran coach added.

Holtz said that Georgia's kicking game is a strength also.

"Their kicking game is just outstanding," he said.

The way that Holtz sees it his Cocks stand no chance against Georgia this weekend.

"I can't believe that we are only a 2 touchdown underdog. I would have thought that it would have been more than that," he said.

Then again Holtz said that Carolina stood no chance to beat #15 Virginia last week but the Cocks rolled in a blowout win.

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