Georgia Offense Still a Work in Progress

ATHENS- Dylan Webber gives his insight on Georgia’s eighth practice of spring football.

Georgia looked about as good as the weather today— Not completely terrible, but not something you’re wishing for. 56 degrees with a strong breeze, throughout the media viewing session, the offense never seemed to be able to put together a string of good plays.


We’ll start with the quarterbacks. Throwing into the wind, it was obvious who the dominant quarterback was— Jacob Eason. It was early in warmups, but Eason was putting way more zip on the ball than either Jake Fromm or Sam Vaughn. Both Fromm and Eason were running some triple option in warmups, and both looked equally uncomfortable running it. Georgia fans should hope they don’t have to see them run it in a game in the seasons to come.


After, the warm-ups, they moved to the end zone to work on back-shoulder fades from the four-yard line. Neither looked great, but Fromm seemed to have the better touch over Eason, who overthrew his receivers on several occasions. Fromm under threw multiple balls, but they were at least catchable. Still, Eason is by far the most physically gifted quarterback on the field and is comfortably in front of Fromm for the starting role.


Sony Michel was working with the wide receivers to begin practice. In warmups, the other running backs looked like they needed work on their hands. Nick Chubb bobbled an easy swing pass, and Brian Herrien straight dropped a screen pass.

The wide receivers looked sharp today. It wasn't anything too difficult, but there weren't any dropped balls from them. Not only were their hands looking good, but their route running was sharp as well.

From what we’ve seen the past few practices, Mecole Hardman doesn’t even look like he’s playing defense anymore, although head coach Kirby Smart insists he is. Hardman has spent the last three practices with the offense only, although he could have switched over to the defense after the media viewing period.


On another note, there was a special guest in attendance at practice today in former Bulldog and current Cincinnati Bengal wide receiver A.J. Green. Isaiah Mckenzie was also watching practice today.

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