No Comparing UGA QB Jacob Eason's Comfort

ATHENS - In the first two minutes of his interview with the media, his only since December, Jacob Eason used a variation of the word “comfort” four times.

He said “comfort” twice and “comfortable” another other two times. Still, Eason made pretty clear on Thursday what I wrote about the first day of spring practice this year - he’s making his way as a quarterback, and he’s leaning on what he learned last year to move him forward. 

“Last year I was still learning how to become a quarterback, and I still am because I still have a ways to go. But there is a comfort that comes along with it that leads you to have the ability to be confident to make plays and different checks and all of that,” he said. 

Eason looks better physically. He’s settled on a weight and is playing at it. That wasn’t the case last spring as he rocketed up the scales too fast and was noticeably bigger than he was in high school. He’s also more used to the physical act of getting under center and playing in the traditional way a pro-style QB does. 

“A lot of last year was the playbook and coming from a spread offense and getting under center - that was a big thing for me,” he acknowledged. “Learning how to take a snap from under center, and making reads against an SEC defense (was tough).”

It doesn’t seem to be nearly as difficult now. At practices, Eason is clearly throwing the ball at a batter arm angle than he did last season. The days of his side-arm delivery appear to be in the past. Now the ball leaves his hand at a much higher spot, thus taking advantage of his massive frame. Also, too, Eason appears to be getting the ball out of his hand quicker. Insiders say he’s worked at his throwing motion in the offseason. 

And Eason says he’s not comparing 2016 to 2017 because there’s nothing to compare. 

“This is a whole new world,” he said. “I’ve been here a year. I’ve been through last spring. I’ve been through a season, and I have some experience under my belt. So this compared to last time is really not much of a comparison.”

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