UGA coach Kirby Smart "Really Pleased" w/ UGA Scrimmage

ATHENS - UGA coach Kirby Smart was concerned at the start of the second scrimmage of the spring.

“I didn’t think they had real good juice and energy,” he said. “But once the scrimmage started they had good energy and good enthusiasm.”

As it turned out, the Bulldogs “pleased” their head coach with both sides of the ball making plays. He added that today’s scrimmage was ones on ones - meaning the No. 1 defense went up against the No. 1 offense, and the No. 2 offense matched up against the No. 2 defense.

“I was really pleased with the scrimmage,” Kirby said. “Its the first scrimmage since I have been here that I thought both sides of the ball did things well. There was some momentum changes in the scrimmage where one part of the scrimmage the defense did a little better than the part where the offense did a little better. Neither side really dominated.”

Saturday’s scrimmage at Sanford Stadium wrapped up the second of the Bulldogs’ three scrimmages this spring. UGA will spilt up and have its annual G Day game next Saturday at 2 PM. 

“It was a good practice for us,” Kirby continued. “Good tackling - a good time to get out there and hit people. There were a lot of good hits and running to the ball. When you’ve got good backs there are going to be missed tackles. And when you have a quarterback who can make some throws, there are going to be some one-on-one battles on the outside that you just don’t win (as a defense).”

Kirby told reporters that both Deangelo Gibbs and Isaac Nauta are dealing with shoulder injuries. Gibbs' injury isn't considered serious, but Nauta will undergo X-rays. Ben Cleveland was out with an injury as well, which may have his miss Tuesday's scheduled practice. Kirby said Dominck Sanders scrimmaged Saturday after missing last Saturday's scrimmage with a knee injury.

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