South Carolina marks Anniversary of "The Play"

ATHENS - It's the anniversary of The Play, but David Pollack is taking a Beatles approach. Let it be.

With South Carolina coming to town Saturday, a natural topic of conversation is David Pollack's ESPY-nominated strip of USC quarterback Corey Jenkins in the end zone that resulted in Georgia's only touchdown in the 13-7 win at Columbia.

It was big-time highlight material, and launched Pollack into the college football spotlight.

Enough, he says, is enough.

"It was a good play, but it's definitely last season's play," he says. "I'm tired of it, I'll tell you that right now."

Pollack said the team has individual highlight tapes it shows each week, and seeing that play was wearing him out.

"I was like, 'We gotta get something new, man,':" he says. "I definitely want to see a new highlight tape, something new."

Pollack beat a double team from the left defensive side and charged after Jenkins. The quarterback's arm went back to throw as Pollack covered him. Jenkins' arm went forward, but the ball stuck itself in Pollack's midsection as he fell to the ground and cradled it.

Head coach Mark Richt had no trouble talking about the play and its' impact.

"That play was probably the difference between us being champions and not," he says. "We wouldn't have won the game without it, and we don't win the conference. It's about as big a play as you can have early in the season.

"It was a spectacular play."

Pollack, though, is ready for a change of topic.

"I'm sure (quarterback David) Greene gets tired of hearing about the Michael Johnson catch, too," Pollack said of the touchdown last season that clinched Georgia's Eastern Division title. "We gotta make something new. We gotta make something happen."

"It's over. We can't live in the past."


"Hopefully history repeats itself with something bigger."

INJURY UPDATE:: The ongoing roller coaster of who'll be healthy this week continues.

Defensive tackle Ken Veal (ankle) is probable. Safety Kentrell Curry (leg) is doubtful, as is defensive end Marquis Elmore (shoulder) and tight ends Ben Watson (ankle) and Robert Brannon (calf), while center Michael Turner (shoulder) remains out for another week or so. Backups at tight end: Leonard Pope is a freshman and Martrez Milner is a sophomore.

"Those guys are very inexperienced," said Richt. "We kinda have trained them a little bit different. They really haven't crossed over a lot."

In short, each has learned things specific to a certain side and in certain formations, and they're not simply interchangable.

QUOTABLE: "I don't think I'd make it 90. Too tired to make it 90." Pollack on his dream play, and if it would be to return an interception of fumble that far.

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