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Costly Spring Coming at UGA?

ATHENS - Danna Durante was fired Tuesday morning. It was the first of what could be several changes in UGA’s athletic department over the next few months.

NOTE: UGA incorrectly sent Dawg Post a contract that was not the most-recent contract for Durante. That data was reflected in previous versions of this story. The updated information is from what we have been told is the most up-to-date contract for Durante. 

Durante was fired this week; Baseball coach Scott Stricklin very well could be next; and then there’s the case of longtime coaches Jack Bauerle (Swimming and Diving) and Jeff Wallace (Women’s Tennis). Both of their contracts expire this spring, and no agreement to extend them had been agreed to before last week. 

In other words, UGA could replace four spring coaches after this academic year concludes. Dawg Post gathered this information through a freedom of information filling. 

Durante is due three more years of her $180,000 base salary, which will be paid monthly until May 31, 202. But she will not get a longevity bonus of $60,000, which she would have been entitled to had she stayed as gymnastics coach until that time. That means Durante's contract buy out is $540,000.

Stricklin’s contract runs through the 2019 season. His contract is structured in a very similar manner to Durante. He earns $582,800 a year from UGA, but his base salary is $300,000 and his longevity bonus ($25,000 per season coached) is based on how many years he completed as coach. Should Stricklin be terminated after the 2017 season he would be due the base salary of the final two years of his contract paid monthly (total being $600,000) and $100,000 of the longevity bonus.

Essentially, the buyouts of those two coaches would be well over $1.2 million.  

Then there is the task of either resigning or dealing with the retirement of Bauerle and Wallace, two of the most successful coaches at UGA, before their contracts expire on June 30, 2017. Wallace’s base salary is $129,434, while Bauerle's base is $250,000.

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