Kirby Smart and UGA Brace for 2018's Double Signing Day

DESTIN, FL - Kirby Smart says the new signing period in college football will fundamentally change how teams recruit.

And the second-year head coach said he’s doing his best to get ready for what will be a “unique” process that’s headed our way this December.

“I think its going to be just two signing dates that are extremely stressful,” Kirby told reporters. “The difference in this one that worries me is (that) it’s a three-day period. I mean, there’s a window in there. Basketball has been dealing with this more often than us, so it is going to be unique because we have more spots to fill than them. Our intensity gets increased when you’ve got more guys.”

Kirby added that recruiting right now has been effected by the new rule, which is hitting everyone in the midst of this recruiting cycle. 

“There are so many offers out there right nowadays that every school is offering kids,” he said. “So what you’ve got to do is control the number of commitments you have in order to know in December: ‘How many are we willing to take, and how many are we willing to wait on?’”

The addition to the new signing period means programs will now have the be more careful with the risks they take during the entirety of the cycle.  

“This is going to go back to the bird in the hand vs. ten in the bush. What do you want? Do you want that sure thing? Or do you want that kid that’s ‘maybe’. If you go for that ‘maybe’ you may be dropping down a long way to get your fall back,” he said. 

“I think the management of that is critical. You are going to have coaches impressing on some kids: ‘Wait, wait. We may have a spot.’ And then you are going to have your level of kids sign, sign and sign and get it over with. And where kids fall is based on where those teams are on commitments and how many numbers they’ve got.”

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