Big Bad Brown talks about Athens Visit.

<b>Michael Brown</b> witnessed Georgia first SEC game this weekend, and he talked a little bit of recruiting last night.

Westlake is one of the top teams in the state of Georgia this year, and one of the main reasons why is because of monster linemen Michael Brown and Courtney Abbott, roughly 600 pounds of agile hostility. Brown and Abbott attended the Georgia game in Athens this weekend with several of their teammates, and I caught up with Brown briefly yesterday.

"The Fans!" Stated Brown emphatically when asked him about what stood out to him on his visit. "They show you a lot of love there. It was really cool. LSU and Georgia are my two favorites right now. I'm also looking at Kentucky, Michigan, and Louisville. I'm not going to make a decision any time soon. I want to see some other schools and thing about it when the season is over."

Does Brown have any more games scheduled to visit in the near future?

"I don't know; our coach kind of sets all of that up and tells us where we are going that weekend."

Brown has a lot to think about this season as Westlake is looking extremely strong in 4A this year. They will face a big test at Banneker this weekend.

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