Top NC Safety takes in Game in Athens

<b>Jamar Adams</b> is one of the top safeties in the south, and he is a high priority for Georgia. He was at the game on Saturday. Read what he had to say about Georgia and his other favorite schools.

Jamar Adams is a safety prospect that is looking at several schools across the country, and he is looking at one school in the SEC. Georgia has a big need for safeties, and Adams traveled to Athens this weekend to check out the Bulldogs in their first conference match up.

"I went to Georgia's game this weekend," said Adams. "SEC games are great in that all of the fans are really into the games. It's southern football. It was a great atmosphere."

"I got to speak with Coach Richt while I was there. I also talked with Coach Bobo (recruits North Carolina), Coach Martinez (defensive backs coach), and to Coach Van Gorder (Defensive Coordinator). I also talked with both of the quarterbacks that are committed (A.J. Bryant and Blake Barnes). I also got to talk with safety Sean Jones, and I already knew Mario Raley from Charlotte, so I hung out with him for a while too. I basically got to meet all of the safeties."

Asked if he had been to any other games yet, Adams said that he took an official visit to Michigan the weekend before last.

"I was at Michigan on September 6th for their game against Houston. It's hard to judge the two conferences though. The atmosphere at Georgia was better, but they were playing an SEC game, and Michigan was playing Houston, so it wasn't really fair," added Adams with a laugh.

"I went through the Dawgwalk at Georgia, and all of the fans were waving at us as we were coming into the stadium and as we were driving away in our car. They were all yelling 'You need to come to Georgia!'. The South is just different from the North."

Who are some of the teams that are still involved for Adams' service?

"I like Miami, Michigan, Georgia, Florida State, and maybe Virginia Tech."

Is he definitely leaving the state then?

"I don't know. I like Coach Bunting (North Carolina) a lot, but with teams like Virginia Tech and Miami coming into the ACC, do I think that they can really get the program turned around and compete with those teams instead of just getting beat every week? I don't know yet. I was really high on NC State to begin the season. I went to one of their practices and they looked really athletic."

Does one school stand out above the others right now?

"Florida State and Miami have not offered me a scholarship yet. I just sent them game film and they invited me to come in for an official visit. If anything, Michigan is a little ahead right now. I took an official visit there and really got to sit down with the coaching staff. They may have an unfair advantage right now though, because that's the only official visit I've taken so far. I'm blind to some of the other schools because I've been to Michigan. Georgia and Virginia Tech need safeties. FSU has some young players already on the team at safety."

"Basically, I'm looking at rosters and playing time. I am talking with all of the coaches and visiting the schools. I am weighing all of my options right now."

I had been told that Jamar Adams was a great person to talk to, and I had not been told wrong. He is not only a fantastic prospect, but a great student athlete, and any school that signs him will be extremely lucky.

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