Weekend thoughts

South Carolina seems to be one of the better teams in the country in converting turnovers into points. Mississippi State was not able to stop the Cocks from cashing in on a couple of State turnovers. State's inability to stop the Cocks after turnovers was the deciding factor in the game.

Carolina looked much better running the ball than they did against Georgia a couple of weeks ago. It now appears that the Cocks will be undefeated going into the "Orange Crush" portion of their schedule. With only Alabama standing in their way, South Carolina should climb into the top 10 by the time that they travel to Knoxville.

I have always said that it is very easy to be a Florida State fan. With the cream puff schedule and the winning past decade that the Noles have had, it has been easy to be a Florida State fan.

Not anymore. It was great to listen to North Carolina slap FSU around on Saturday. The Heels totally dominated every part of the game against the Noles and it is easy to see that Florida State is not what it once was. FSU does miss Mark Richt and scoring only 9 points against North Carolina proves it.

The impact of the game was far reaching. How can Tech not win a part of the ACC title now?

I was at the Clemson - Virginia game Saturday night and I can tell you that Clemson is most certainly overrated. Their defensive line is horrible and Virginia ran at will against the Tigers.

Both of those games got me thinking; early season out of conference match ups with difficult teams do really help prepare teams for their conference schedule. North Carolina was drilled by both Texas and Oklahoma before pulling the upset on Saturday and Virginia traveled to Wisconsin to play the Badgers. North Carolina and Virginia were a combined 0-3 in those games, but they gained valuable experiences in the losses. Both are now 1-0 in conference play. Clemson and FSU played easy teams to start the season and they are both now in last place in the ACC. Perhaps there is something to be said for a tough early season schedule.

Arkansas and Alabama played a sloppy contest. I am not certain if Bama is as bad as they seem or if the teams that they have played just have good defenses. Alabama is the leader in the SEC West as of right now. But things get a whole lot harder for the Tide this weekend as the visit the Cocks in Columbia.

Normally I would say that Bama has the upper hand because of the hard fought games against UCLA, Vandy, and Arkansas. But Carolina has just as much experience as the Tide and should win in Columbia.

Florida looked normal in the second half against Kentucky. I was surprised to see how long that the Cats stuck with the Gators on the afternoon. Florida is certainly licking their chops waiting to slash the Noles later in the season.

But with Tennessee and Florida State coming to Gainesville at the end of the season, it now appears that at South Carolina will be the most difficult game for the Gators in that stretch.

The real shocker inside the SEC to me this weekend was the Syracuse – Auburn game. I really thought that Syracuse's defense was so bad and that Auburn's was so good that the Tigers would have not problem with this one. I was wrong.

It is difficult to know who is the best team in the SEC right now. But I will give it a shot.


1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Auburn

4. Mississippi State

5. Ole Miss

6. Arkansas


1. Florida

2. South Carolina

3. Georgia

3. Tennessee

5. Vandy

6. Kentucky

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